Revolutionizing your Grafana setup with intelligent alerting

Oct 9, 2023 | Integrations, ITOM & ITSM

Once upon a time, in the bustling city of DataVille, lived a team of dedicated IT professionals  tirelessly working to maintain the city’s digital heartbeat. Their mission was to ensure the smooth operation of their city’s digital infrastructure, which was not limited to the daytime operations but extended beyond business hours. They were the unsung heroes, the guardians of the city’s data. Their tool of choice? Grafana, a powerful open-source platform for observability. But as the city grew, so did the complexity of their tasks. While Grafana provided basic alerting and on-call scheduling, the team felt the need for a more comprehensive solution, especially for those critical after-hours incidents. They needed a tool that could provide mobile alerting through various channels, process acknowledgements, offer automatic escalation and come with a dedicated mobile app for an incident response from anywhere. This led them to embark on a quest to extend Grafana with intelligent alerting.

What is Grafana?

The open-source platform is used for observability and connecting to your monitoring systems. You can query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics no matter where they are stored. It’s like the dashboard of a car, providing you with critical information at a glance. Grafana is highly customizable, offering options to create your own dashboard with panels, graphs and alerts. However, as your data grows and becomes more complex, managing these alerts can become a daunting task, particularly during those critical after-hours-scenarios.

The need for intelligent alerting for on-call duty

As markets span across time zones and customer demands evolve, the ability to operate and respond outside of traditional business hours ensures continuity, competitive advantage and customer satisfaction. Embracing after-hour operations not only caters to diverse client needs but also mitigates potential crises, ensuring that businesses remain agile, resilient and ahead of the curve.

How can you achieve this for your Grafana?

This is where intelligent alerting comes into play. Visualize this: As twilight settled in the heart of DataVille, Mia, the lead IT specialist, was enjoying dinner at home with her family. Suddenly, her phone buzzed with a Grafana alert. DataVille’s server was experiencing an unexpected surge in traffic. Instead of panicking, Mia swiftly accessed the app of the mobile alerting and incident response service SIGNL4 on her phone. She got a comprehensive report detailing the incident, allowing her to understand the context instantly. This is the essence of intelligent alerting. It is not about just receiving an alert, but about understanding the context and being able to act quickly and efficiently. Moreover, Mia was not just limited to email alerts but was able to enjoy dinner without sitting in front of a computer all the time. She customized the notifications on her phone. She receives a mobile app push instantly and if Mia is not responding to this, she’ll get a SMS text after 5 minutes and a direct phone call after 10 minutes.

With a few taps, she rerouted the traffic and initiated preventive measures. As she resumed her meal, she marveled at how SIGNL4 seamlessly integrated with Grafana, turning potential after-hours crises into manageable incidents. In DataVille, even when the lights went out, the digital heart continued to beat steadily, thanks to vigilant guardians like Mia and the power of intelligent alerting.

Integrating this level of intelligent alerting with Grafana can significantly enhance your incident management process. It allows you to manage alerts, incidents and on-call schedules in one place, ensuring that the right person is alerted at the right time, especially during those critical after-hours situations.

Grafana alert in SIGNL4

Reliable Alerting: You can set up complex alert rules based on your metrics. When these rules are triggered, SIGNL4 promptly dispatches an alert, complete with comprehensive details about the incident. The intelligent alerting software offers diverse methods to receive alerts, including through the app, SMS, or even a direct phone call. This ensures that you receive alerts regardless of your location or current activity.

Incident Management: It offers a unified platform to oversee all incidents. It maintains a record of all alerts, their current status, and the person assigned to them, simplifying the process of managing and resolving incidents. You can read more about IT incident management in our comprehensive guide.

Duty Scheduling and Escalation: Team members can effortlessly transition between on-duty and off-duty statuses with a single tap in the mobile app. The duty assistant feature in SIGNL4 ensures timely duty handovers by sending reminders. All hours spent on duty are automatically tracked and reported. Once team members check-in for duty, alerts are seamlessly routed to them. And if they are off-duty, they won’t be disturbed with alerts.

You can conveniently set up your team’s schedule from any web browser using a few simple clicks and drag-and-drop actions. You can designate specific team members to be on-call during certain periods, ensuring that there’s always someone ready to tackle incidents. And if the primary on-call individual is unavailable and does not respond to the persistent alerting, the alert will automatically be escalated to the next person in the queue.

Integration Capabilities: SIGNL4 boasts impressive integration capabilities, seamlessly connecting with 160+ applications. Its robust APIs allow for direct alert automation from IT and infrastructure systems. Whether the interface is email, webhook or REST API, SIGNL4 ensures reliable alert delivery. There is a detailed description on how to integrate SIGNL4 with Grafana.

Enhanced and Detailed Alerts: Amplify your alerts with a variety of content such as text parameters, images, audio files, web links and maps. Utilize the open APIs to deliver your customized content or leverage SIGNL4’s built-in features to augment alerts with text, color, icons, maps, and push sounds. The software also features a keyword-based filter algorithm and alert categories to cut through noise and deliver only relevant alerts to your staff. SIGNL4 also provides full tracking of alert delivery and lifecycle.

Find all details about SIGNL4’s features here.


The integration of SIGNL4 with Grafana brings together two powerful platforms, enhancing their individual capabilities and providing a seamless user experience. Grafana’s robust data visualization capabilities are complemented by SIGNL4’s intelligent alerting and incident management features. This integration allows users to set up complex alert rules based on Grafana’s comprehensive metrics with SIGNL4 ensuring these alerts are promptly dispatched to the right person. The user interface of both platforms is designed with intuitiveness in mind, making it easy for users to navigate and manage their data and alerts. Furthermore, the customization options offered by both Grafana and SIGNL4 mean that users can tailor the system to their specific needs. Find all the information on how to publish SIGNL4 oncall and alert information to your Grafana dashboard here.

Grafana Dashboard

SIGNL4 is a powerful alert notification and incident management software designed to streamline IT operations. It offers intelligent alerting, on-call and duty scheduling, and comprehensive incident management. Critical alerts are promptly dispatched to the right person via Push, SMS and Voice Call, which is enhancing efficiency and response times.

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