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Alert and notify response teams about cybersecurity, safety, fire and emergency incidents with SIGNL4 crisis communication

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How it works

What is Crisis Communication?

Industrial and work environments are full of potential dangers. Chemical hazards, fire outbreaks and other disastrous accidents can happen at any time. Particularly in a crisis, people need to be notified fast and act even faster. It is key to have a reliable, flexible, fast, and extremely robust alerting and notification method that forms an integral part of your response process.

Crisis communication with SIGNL4 delivers alerts and incidents details directly and automatically to the right people using multiple notification channels, with tracking and escalations and built-in duty scheduling.


Mobile Alerting and Anywhere Incident Management
Alert Notifications

Never miss an alert

Reliable Crisis Communication

SIGNL4 offers fully automated alerting and utilizes various notification channels including text, voice, pager and push via mobile app. It can track notifications, confirmations and escalations ensuring successful delivery of emergency and safety alerts. 

The modern way of crisis communication

Mobile App

SIGNL4 comes with a unique responder app for anyhwere alert management and duty management, taking crisis response to a whole new level. The mobile app also provides a 1-click solution to trigger emergency alerts with GPS location information.

Dashboard SIGNL4 Mobile App
SIGNL4 Webportal 1 Click Alerting

Manual alerts

1-click Alerting

SIGNL4 comes with a web portal to create, send and track incident alerts to multiple users and teams. It provides templates to reduce required input and to eliminate human errores.

Crisis Communication Benefits


SIGNL4 is a highly effective and extremely reliable solution to alert and notify affected people and staff who can deal with critical situations, accidents and other disasters.

The high grade of automation in SIGNL4 significantly reduces response times and communication errors while providing an unmatched level of transparency.

The user interface of SIGNL4 is designed for usability and low training effort.

SIGNL4 Benefits

A proven solution

Our customers

SIGNL4 has over 1,000 customers in Europe, North America and other regions. SIGNL4 rates 4-5 stars in app stores and on review sites like Capterra, GetApp and G2.

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“The App we’ve been searching for! We are using SIGNL4 for emergency calls in a church. Team members love it. I love it.”
Paul Gawlowski

Pastor, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

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