Call Routing

SIGNL4 supports both live call routing and a voice mailbox which can notify your staff about new voice mail recordings. This feature allows for convenient and effective after-hours call handling.

Call Routing Anrufweiterleitung
Call Routing with SIGNL4
Call Routing

Plug & Play

Inbound Numbers

  • SIGNL4 offers a one-click inbound number provisioning in the US, Germany and Switzerland and many additional countries
  • Inbound numbers are linked to teams in SIGNL4
  • Greetings and other texts spoken to callers can be configured freely
  • Multi-language support for spoken texts

Call Transfer

Live Call Routing

  • SIGNL4 can be configured to automatically transfer incoming calls to a person on call/duty
  • To protect inbound numbers a PIN can be set
  • Allow/disallow lists are supported to limit authorized callers
SIGNL4 Live Callrouting
after-hours call routing voicemail alert


Voice Mailbox with Alerts

  • Alternatively, you can enable a voice mailbox
  • Callers can leave a message and the person on call is notified by text, voice or app-push
  • Mailbox recordings can be played within the mobile app
  • Calling back the caller is one click away

Built-in Scheduling

Oncall Scheduling

  • Integrated oncall and duty scheduling ensures inbound calls or voicemail alerts go to the right people according to the planned schedule
  • Replaces daily or weekly manual re-programming of call routing in your IVR or phone system
  • Convenient scheduling of duties in your browser
SIGNL4 Oncall Scheduling