After-Hours Call Routing

Let no important customer call go unnoticed. Use SIGNL4’s fully automated after-hours call routing to staff on duty.

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How it works

What is SIGNL4?

SIGNL4 is your call routing solution and supports both live call routing and a voice mailbox which can notify your staff on duty about any voice recording. It is a plug & play solution and set up within minutes. SIGNL4’s Call Routing provides your customers or staff members with a phone number to call. Incoming calls are then conveniently and automatically routed to a person on call.

after-hours call routing
Call Routing

Never miss a call

Call Routing

SIGNL4 provides a phone number customers or other staff can call. SIGNL4 automatically routes the voice call and connects your customer to an available person on call.

Never miss a voicemail

Voice Mailbox with Alerts

If nobody is available or if live call routing is not part of your process, an integrated voice mailbox records a message (e.g. from a customer) and then alerts on-call staff on their mobile phones. When they open that alert in their SIGNL4 mobile app and press the ‘Play’ button, they can listen to the recording/voicemail.

after-hours call routing voicemail alert
SIGNL4 Oncall Scheduling

Scheduling built-in

Oncall Scheduling

SIGNL4 provides integrated, easy to use on-call scheduling. It provides for automated routing of phone calls or voice mailbox alerts to staff on duty. All you need is your browser to schedule your team’s availabilities.



SIGNL4 is  a great and powerful solution for any 24/7 service desk hotline that is operated with an on-call or stand-by team. It reduces the load for your operations staff as it avoids direct calls. At the same time, SIGNL4 ensures that no call goes unnoticed which significantly improves your customer satisfaction and responsiveness. Your staff members can work through issues based on severity and enjoy a much better sleep and after-hours work experience.

A proven solution

Our customers

SIGNL4 has over 1,000 customers in Europe, North America and other regions. SIGNL4 rates 4-5 stars in app stores and on review sites like Capterra, GetApp and G2.

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“We’ve been using SIGNL4 for a few months now, and it is making a real difference in our response times. We have tied  it to our help desk IVR for after-hours support and have experienced the results we had hoped for. Highly recommended!”


IT Systems Engineer, MAHEC

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