Industrial Alarm Management

Achieve a faster response to machine breakdowns, quality incidents and maintenance calls with SIGNL4 

How it works

What is industrial alarm management?

With SIGNL4, maintenance and operations teams become truly mobile and responses to potential issues become pretty much real-time. Machines or MES and SCADA systems can send urgent service or maintenance requests directly and automatically to mobile devices of on-call teams and responsible workforce. When on the shopfloor or at a large manufacturing facility, large distances need to be covered, yet speed is essential. SIGNL4 provides a fast, reliable, and mobile option to bridge such distances, reduce unnecessary alert noise and make industrial alarm management much more convenient.

“Thanks to SIGNL4, we have an automated, reliable and fast alerting process for our baggage handling system and other critical systems such as the docking guidance. This allows for guaranteeing a maximum response time of three min until remediation starts.”

Thomas Knöfler

Head of TF2 Flight Operations, Airport BER Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany

Mobile Alerting and Anywhere Incident Management
mobile alert management

How it works

Notifications & Alarm Management

The mobile app of SIGNL4 displays an alert and job queue to workers on the plant floor. They can then take ownership of incidents, alerts, and service requests. In real-time, operators then see who responded or who took over which maintenance job. All is fully transparent and there is no need to search for idle team members or to ensure ownership has been taken. Later shifts can easily see what happened and which jobs were done or are still in the queue.

One-touch communication options help engineers to contact each other to solve problems jointly. An integrated chat allows for real-time communication between experts.

Duty and Shift Management

Integrated Duty Scheduling

SIGNL4 provides integrated, easy to use shift and duty scheduling. It provides for automated routing of critical alerts to staff on the shopfloor and to the right people at the right time. All you need is your browser to schedule your team’s availabilities.

SIGNL4 Oncall Scheduling
SIGNL4 Integrations

Seamless connectivity

Integrations and APIs

Integrates with SCADA and other manufacturing systems via Email, Webhook, REST and 2-way connectors. Optional S7 PLC connectivity with Edge Proxy. Consolidates events and alerts from multiple sources in IT, IoT, manufacturing, etc. 175+ tested and verified integrations.



Automated mobile maintenance alerts and app-based industrial alarm management lead to a much faster response and handling of incidents, quality issues, service jobs or even interruption of manufacturing or machinery operations. Your Mean-Time-To-Response (MTTR) is reduced significantly. Alerts are targeted to your teams that are actively on duty and can respond to the issue at hand.

SIGNL4 offers an affordable, fast and easy option to enhance your operations. It is an essential building block of any smart and automated factory. The Return-On-Investment (ROI) is quick through the simplification and automation of previously manual processes.

SIGNL4 Benefits

A proven solution

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SIGNL4 has over 1,000 customers in Europe, North America and other regions. SIGNL4 rates 4-5 stars in app stores and on review sites like Capterra, GetApp and G2.

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