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Basic featuresIdeal for exploringFree after Trial

Notify & Connect

$9Per User/Month

Essential featuresFor basic business needsBuy now


$19Per User/Month

All features plus SLA supportEnterprise-gradeBuy now

Above prices will be in EUR instead of US$ if your business resides within the EU. Tax does not apply for EU companies with EU VAT ID.

* Each person (‘user’) who is part of a SIGNL4 team and receives alert notifications requires a subscription.


Included Features

Unlimited Mobile Notifications

Unlimited notifications worldwide via mobile app push

Mobile App

Mobile App for Android/iPhone with great alert customization options, e.g. enriching alerts with colors, icons, push sounds and additional information

Voice Call & Text Notifications

Adds voice calls and text messages as notification channels and allows for custom notification sequences. We support calls and text messages into 432 networks worldwide at a flat cost of 35c per call and 15c per text message (excl. applicable taxes). When you enter a phone number we validate if it is eligible for voice call and text alerts.

Please note that all paid plan contain unlimited free SMS and voice calls.

Ad-hoc Duty Management

Go on duty and off duty with a single button tap in the mobile app. Always and anywhere see who is on duty

Alert Enrichment

Enrich alerts with additional information like images or add meaningful subjects

Alert Category Subscriptions

Opt-in and out from alert categories to manage your responsibilities or interests

Powerful APIs

Easy-to-use yet powerful APIs: Webhook (2-way), Secure SMTP and REST

Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Single-Sign-On (SSO) with Microsoft, Google und Apple

Unlimited Integrations

Connect an unlimited number of systems and applications. NO licensing based on event sources or number of events/alerts.

1 Month Data Retention

Events and Alerts are stored for 1 month


Everything in 'Starter' plus

Unlimited SMS/Call Alerts

Unlimited (and free) domestic and international SMS messages and voice calls

Single- & Multi Person Ack

Allow alerts to get acknowledged by a single member of your team on duty instead of all people on duty

Persistent Notifications

Enable repetitive alert notifications (nagging) until the alert gets acknowledged

Manual Alerts

Send alerts to your team from any web browser and track responses in real-time

Alert Acknowledgements

See via the avatar picture who acknowledged which alert and who is the owner

Staffing Level

Make sure that there is always a certain number of people on duty and prevent accidential ‘punch out’

AI-aided Handovers

Let SIGNL4 manage your shift handovers with reminders and auto-punch-out if replacements are incoming

Geo-locations and maps

Add geo-location information and maps to your alerts

User Roles

2 preset user roles for effective access control

Microsoft Teams & Slack

Chat Bot integration to notify through channels in Microsoft Teams & Slack and to control SIGNL4

3 Months Data Retention

Events and Alerts are stored for 3 months


Everything in 'Notify' plus

Unlimited SMS/Call Alerts

Unlimited (and free) domestic and international SMS messages and voice calls


Automated escalations to managers if the configured response time is exceeded because alerts were not acknowledged in time

Routing Management

Centrally manage routing of alerts to individual users based on alert categories

Duty and Shift Scheduling

Schedule shifts and duties of your team members via drag&drop in any web browser. Includes automated checking-in and out for duties

Duty Reminders

Get reminders on upcoming shifts/duties and get check in/out automatically

Alert Flood Protection

Protects you from large numbers of notifications if many systems fire events at once. Alert will still be displayed in the app

Shared Annotations

Annotations to alerts are visible to all team members

Mobile Chat

Each alert creates a privat chat room. Users can annotate and annotations are sent as push messages

Last shift/24h alert view

View to see all alerts and their status from the last shift and the last 24 hours

Duty Hours Report

Download CSV report on all hours on duty for your team members

2-way Connectors

2-way connector apps, e.g. for Azure Monitor, Azure Sentinel, Microsoft Graph API, provide for updating an event status in the originating tool

6 Months Data Retention

Events and Alerts are stored for 6 months


Everything in 'Optimize' plus

Unlimited SMS/Call Alerts

Unlimited (and free) domestic and international SMS messages and voice calls

Priority Support

Precedence over other, non-priority support inquiries for professional needs

Premium User Group

Get access to our premium user group on Yammer including roadmap insights

12 Months Data Retention

Events and Alerts are stored for 12 months

* All prices are excluding taxes. If your business is located in the EU, above prices are in Euro instead of US$ and tax free if you can provide a European VAT ID.

Commercial subscriptions of SIGNL4 are exclusively offered to businesses and public institutions. It is not offered to private users.

Get started

Or sign up to a 30-days trial of SIGNL4 from the mobile app

SIGNL4 on Google Play

SIGNL4 on Apple iTunes

Get started

Sign up to a 30-days trial of SIGNL4 from the mobile app

SIGNL4 on Google Play

SIGNL4 on Apple iTunes

Is there a free trial period?

Yes. The first 30 days are free for 10 users on the “Optimize” plan. No credit card is required for this trial. You can any time upgrade to a commercial offering. If you don’t decide for a commercial subscription you can still use SIGNL4 for free on the “Starter” plan.

When will I get billed?

If you decide for a commercial subscription we bill your credit card at the beginning of the monthly usage period and monthly thereafter unless you cancel your account. You will receive billing receipt via email each time we bill your credit card. You can also download the receipt/invoice in the management portal.

Payment methods and taxes

You can buy a commercial subscription during and after your free trial with Visa, MasterCard or American Express. We except wire transfer payment for annual subscriptions (Optimize and Maximize plans). All listed prices are excluding taxes. If you are a business in the EU and don’t own a valid EU VAT ID we charge you 19% German VAT.

What is your cancellation policy?

SIGNL4 is a “pay as you go” service with a monthly term. If you cancel, downgrade or remove users you only pay until the end of the month and your cancellation or changes are reflected at the beginning of the following month.