Field Service Alerting

Automated mobile Routing of Service Requests and Alerts to Field Service Staff with SIGNL4 Field Service Alerting

How it works

What is SIGNL4?

SIGNL4 is an out-of-the-box, cloud-based field service dispatching and alerting solution. It provides immediate efficiency gains, transparency and much faster response times. Existing systems such as SCADA systems or ticketing solutions can be connected easily and quickly, e. g. by email (Schneider, Wonderware, Siemens, Zenon, AutomationX, Iconics, etc).

„SIGNL4 is a highly intuitive seamless mobile control system for intra-logistics processes. We were looking for an attractive visualization that enables a smooth change management within the teams. Changing process is always a challenge but the greatest sceptics soon became the greatest fans of SIGNL4.”

Victor Kaupe

Project Management Logistics EMEA, BASF Coatings Germany

Mobile Alerting and Anywhere Incident Management
Field Service Alerting

How it works

Smart Field Service Alerting

On the mobile app field service staff see a real-time job queue and can take ownership of tickets, incident alerts and service requests. Operators see in real-time who responded and who took over which maintenance job. No further communication to search for idle team members or to confirm job ownership is needed. Later shifts can easily see what happened and which jobs were done.

The one-touch communication options help engineers to contact each other to solve problems jointly. An integrated chat allows for real-time communication between experts.



Automated field service alerting with SIGNL4 leads to a much faster response to incidents, quality issues, service jobs or even interruption of mission-critical OT. Your Mean-Time-To-Response (MTTR) is reduced significantly. Alerts are targeted to your teams that are actively on duty and can respond to the issue at hand.

SIGNL4 offers an affordable, fast, and easy option to enhance your operations. It is an essential building block of any smart and automated field service dispatching. The Return-On-Investment (ROI) is quick through the simplification and automation of previously manual processes.

SIGNL4 Benefits
SIGNL4 Integrations

Seamless connectivity

Integrations and APIs

Integrates with SCADA and IoT systems via Email, Webhook, REST and 2-way connectors. Optional S7 PLC connectivity with Edge Proxy. Consolidates events and alerts from multiple sources in OT and IoT, etc. 165+ tested and verified integrations.

A proven solution

Our customers

SIGNL4 has over 1,000 customers in Europe, North America and other regions. SIGNL4 rates 4-5 stars in app stores and on review sites like Capterra, GetApp and G2.

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