Alarm Notification Software: SIGNL4 is test winner

Apr 17, 2023 | General, Manufacturing, OT & IoT

The renowned German manufacturing magazine “Factory Innovation” recently conducted a comprehensive practical test on four leading alarm notification software for industrial manufacturing in their latest issue (01/23). The four alarming systems that were evaluated include: the Alarm Control Center from Alarm IT Factory (a spin-off of Siemens AG), ALERT 4.0 from Micromedia, the Alarm and Information Portal (AIP) from VIDEC, and SIGNL4 from Derdack.

Product test procedure

The test took place within the hybrid model factory of the Center Industry 4.0 Potsdam (ZIP4.0), examining 5 different scenarios: commissioning, configuration of individual application scenarios, alerting itself, emergency processing, and forwarding of data to a higher-level system.

Among these four, SIGNL4 emerged as the winner, and was recognized by “Factory Innovation” magazine as the most innovative alerting system in the “Professional Alarm Notification Software in Manufacturing” category.

The experts were particularly impressed by the system’s innovative range of functions, intelligent handling of alarms, and targeted notification to smartphones.

Additionally, SIGNL4’s cloud-based application reduces the configuration effort for alert notification channels and procedures, making implementation in existing manufacturing processes much easier.

The testers also highlighted the system’s ease of use and setup, and its ability to integrate into existing systems seamlessly.


SIGNL4 Industrial Alarm Notification SoftwareOverall, Derdack’s SIGNL4 system was awarded a well-deserved first place for its outstanding success in the practical test. The conclusion was “Overall probably the system with the most innovative range of functions and well-deserved 1st place.

Further details about the test can be found in the magazine through this link. If you’d like to know more about SIGNL4, a complete feature overview of SIGNL4, can be found here.

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