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Easy on-call scheduling, escalations and live call routing

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How it works

What is On-Call Management?

On-call management ensures that critical issues are addressed promptly, particularly outside regular business hours. It involves organizing and scheduling teams of professionals who are ready to respond to emergencies or urgent situations at any time. Effective on-call management prevents communication breakdowns and ensures responsibilities are clear, avoiding conflicts and team burnout or anxiety.

SIGNL4 is an easy-to-use and complete cloud software for on-call management, helping you to effortlessly organize teams, reliably communicate alerts and to ensure fast response and resolution during after-business hours.


Mobile Alerting App SIGNL4

How does I and my business benefit from this?


SIGNL4 is a powerful solution that sits at the core of your on-call strategy. Being on-call becomes a transparent and effective routine that will no longer cause confusion or anxiety, enhancing overall efficiency and response times. With SIGNL4 you can:

  • Rschedule on-call duty by a few mouse clicks
  • Rsync your on-call schedule to all your calendars
  • Rget duty reminders on your mobile
  • Ralways know who's on call, even on-the-go
  • Rreceive critical alerts reliably - anywhere
  • Rensure alerts go to the right person at the right time
  • Rroute after-business hours calls to your mobile

“This system works as advertised and the perpetual notifications until acknowledgment really helps when things go bad in the middle of the night. Also love the fact you can setup a chain so that if the 1st responders do not reply in a set period of time, it will start alerting the next person on your list.”

Zoran S.

System Support Manager, Office Equipment Manufacturer

SIGNL4 Overview

SIGNL4 is a cloud platform for advanced on-call management and alerting.

Mobile Alerting and Anywhere Incident Management
SIGNL4 Webportal On Call Scheduling

How can scheduling be made convenient?

On-call Scheduling

SIGNL4 provides integrated, easy to use on-call scheduling. All you need is your browser. The convenient digital scheduling with on-call templates results in the automation of your on-call rotation calendar. And it provides for automated routing of critical alerts to staff on duty. 

Can I use my smartphone to manage on-call?

Mobile App

SIGNL4 comes with a unique mobile app for managing on-call duty and for anywhere alert management, taking on-call operations to a whole new level. The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android and provides single pane of glass for your on-call team.

Dashboard SIGNL4 Mobile App
Alert Notifications

How do I can notify when it is time to act?

Reliable Alerting

SIGNL4 notifies staff on call by app push, text or voice calls with tracking, acknowledgements and automated escalations. Fully automated and targeted alert notifications ensure alerts get to responsible IT engineers on duty/on call. SIGNL4 ensures that alerts go to the right people at the right time – fully automated.

Can I receive after-hours phone calls?

Live Call Routing

With SIGNL4 you can establish an after-hours service desk hotline to handle user calls. SIGNL4 forwards incoming calls directly to the on-call staff or provides a voice mailbox with reliable alerting of the on-call staff. They can listen to recorded voice messages in the SIGNL4 mobile app and call back if needed.

SIGNL4 Integrations

Can we connect our existing systems?

Integrations and APIs

Integrates with any ITOM and ITSM system via Email, Webhook, REST and 2-way connectors. Consolidates events and alerts from multiple sources in IT.  175+ tested and verified integrations.

A proven solution

Our Customers

SIGNL4 has over 1,000 customers in Europe, North America and other regions. SIGNL4 rates 4-5 stars in app stores and on review sites like Capterra, GetApp and G2.

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