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SIGNL4 is a mobile alerting software in the cloud facilitating the most rapid, anywhere incident response. It enables operations and business teams to respond 10x faster and effectively to critical alerts, major incidents and urgent service requests. SIGNL4 reliably delivers the right information to the right people at the right time – anywhere. It notifies active staff on duty through targeted and persistent mobile push, text, email and voice calls with acknowledgement, tracking and escalation. SIGNL4 enables technical systems in IoT, on the shop floor and in hundred other areas to connect and communicate with the right people.

Functional Principle SIGNL4

Critical Events, Incidents and Service Requests

Automated, intelligent processing and routing

Anywhere Alerting and Response


Reach out within seconds

With SIGNL4 you can reach out to the right people at the right time with actionable information – all within seconds. SIGNL4 can both fully automate your critical notifications processes, directly from IT and infrastructure, as well as alert your staff with a touch of a button.


A unique mobile app

SIGNL4’s mobile app focuses on the essence of critical alerting and service dispatching. It has been especially designed for critical operations and features, for instance a native ‘darkmode’. It is lightweight but highly effective. SIGNL4 is a modern B2B app – visual and easy to use.

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Acknowledgements and Escalations

SIGNL4 notifies your team members on duty persistently by push, text, email and voice call until an alert is acknowledged and confirmed by a single or multiple persons. If there is no response within a certain time (“target response time”), automated multi-tier escalations can be triggered.


Push, Email, Text, Voice Calls - as you like it

SIGNL4 provides for an unrivalled alert notification experience. Define the sequence of push, email, text and voice calls. Choose the ringtone that is most effective and overwrite the ‘silent mode’ on both iPhone and Android (‘mute overwrite’). Enable persistent, repetitive notifications for your team and select the wanted communication channel. Use text and voice calls as backup and wakeup channels. Alerting on your terms!


Cut through the noise

With the help of a keyword-based filter algorithm and alert categories, SIGNL4 can cut through noise, suppress false alerts and deliver to your staff only what is relevant to them. The keyword-based filter algorithm scans the entire payload of incoming events, supports logic operators and enables both keyword white- and blacklisting.


Duty Management with a single Touch

Team members can go on and off duty with a single touch. The SIGNL4 duty assistant reminds on duty hand-overs. All hours spent on duty are automatically logged and reported. Once users checked in for duty, alerts are automatically routed to them. If they are not on duty, they won’t get alerted.


Duty & Shift Scheduling in your browser

Conveniently schedule your team’s shifts and on-call duties from any web browser and with a few mouse-clicks and drag&drop. SIGNL4 scheduling covers any scenario. It comes with minimum staffing level monitoring and post-shift reports for a digital hand-over.

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Digital 'Who is on duty' board

Through digital board, SIGNL4 provides real-time information about who is on duty or on call. Team call numbers or personal contact details can be displayed. Changes in schedule or manual duty punch-ins and outs are visible immediately. Part of the “Maximize” plan is the option to share the board without a SIGNL4 login being required, i.e. the board can be integrated into other overviews and dashboards, e.g. in a SOC or NOC.


Live Call Routing and Voice Mailbox

With SIGNL4 you can offer a voice hotline to clients, partners, and your own staff, to reach your on-call staff in seconds. SIGNL4 offers dedicated phone numbers, and any caller will be directly forwarded and connected to a person on-call. Alternatively, you can use the built-in voice mailbox and get an alert on your mobile phone with the caller’s message.


Full tracking of alert delivery and lifecycle

SIGNL4 alerting software provides for effective alert management including full ownership transparency. Alert responses, confirmations and annotations are visible in real-time throughout the entire team avoiding waste and following up on who takes care of what. Both in the mobile app and the web portal.


Rich and Augmented Alerts

Enrich your alerts with great content including text parameters, images, sound files, weblinks and maps. Either use the open APIs to deliver your content or use the built-in capabilities to augment alerts with text, color, icon, maps and push sound.


Annotations, built-in chat, Teams & Slack integration

SIGNL4 provides a unique incident-related mobile chatops feature for anywhere collaboration. Each alert creates a persistent chat room and team members chat and share annotations in real-time. So, everybody can contribute from anywhere to solving a critical problem or incident. On top, we integrate with Microsoft Teams and Slack.


150+ verified integrations

Integrates seamlessly with hundreds of applications (see our growing list here). On top, each team has an associated, dedicated email address you can use to raise alerts. Or use the webhook or REST API to connect any system. And as SIGNL4 is a cloud solution, you can simply download the app and you’re good to go.


Customize and personalize

You can customize SIGNL4 to meet your individual alerting needs and to create actionable alerts. And personalization options make SIGNL4 even more powerful. Choose custom notifications sounds, upload a personal picture and a team picture to make it ‘your’ SIGNL4.

* Features can be subject to a chosen plan. See our pricing and feature table.

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