March 2024 Update – Design update, Stand-ins via mobile App, Configurable shift reminders and reports as well as customizable data retention

Mar 11, 2024 | Updates

With our SIGNL4 March Update, we are speeding up and have once again completed some innovations for you.

This time, we have further developed our design and color scheme slightly and made changes for better readability. In our mobile app, you can now also quickly and easily set up a stand-in, should a person unexpectedly be absent from duty. Furthermore, in certain SIGNL4 plans, the data retention period can now be flexibly adjusted to the respective company requirements.

Last but not least, in the shift management area, we have now made it possible for teams to individually enable or disable the monthly duty time report and the push reminders for the start of the duty.

Read all details below.

Improved design in Web and Mobile App

We have sensitively adjusted the layout and color scheme in our web and mobile app to optimize readability and the overall user experience. In the web app, this is particularly evident through the new menu background color and the contrast-optimized font color.

In the mobile app, we have also slightly revised the color tones of the tiles and their header area.

Create stand-ins via the Mobile App

In the latest version 4.0 of our mobile app, you can now quickly create a stand-in, should a colleague suddenly be absent or require a stand-in for other urgent reasons.

To do this, simply tap on the unavailable colleague in the “Who’s duty overview” and tap the stand-in action or tap on the “Stand-in” action in the actions widget on the dashboard.

Then simply select the absent colleague, their stand-in, the duration and submit the stand-in.

Both colleagues will then receive a confirmation of this activity via push message in the app.

Team members in the role of “User” can only select themselves as stand-ins, but not other colleagues. However, users who have at least the role of “Scheduler” can also select other colleagues as substitutes for themselves. This prevents a duty from being unintentionally delegated. Furthermore, it is also possible for shift or team leaders to flexibly create stand-ins for their shift personnel at any time in the mobile app.

Adjust data retention to company requirements

You can now see your data retention period in the web app and also reduce it in our “Maximize” plan. This can be helpful if you have specific company requirements regarding the allowed data retention period in corporate applications and need to demonstrably implement them in SIGNL4 as well.

After the reduction, all data in your account that is older than the specified number of days for data retention will be deleted within and each 24 hours. If you choose less than a month, some features or reports will no longer be available. This applies to the monthly duty time report or the monthly reports in CSV format.

New settings for duty time reports and duty reminders

We’ve added new team duty settings to flexibly enable or disable duty start reminders and the monthly duty time report via email.

For example, if you hand over your shifts for IT on-call duty at night, you probably don’t need the duty reminder at 00:00 and ideally just sleep through it.

If, due to company requirements, it is not desired that the monthly duty time report inclunding all hours on duty of each team member is sent to the entire team, then you can now also deactivate this report in that team. In this case, a team administrator can still manually generate such an overview for their team via the CSV export of the duty times, e.g. for billing purposes.

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