Chatbot integration with Microsoft Teams and Slack

Mar 5, 2020 | General

SIGNL4 provides plug-and-play chatbot integrations with Microsoft Teams and Slack, both via certified chatbot apps. Why does it makes sense to integrate SIGNL4 with chat tools after all? There are two basic uses cases that we address with the integration into Teams and Slack.


Using Teams and Slack as additional notification channels

By default, SIGNL4 notifies by mobile push, text and voicecalls, all according to user preference. The focus is clearly on mobile alert notifications. And of course, tracking and escalation of critical alerts is built-in. However, SIGNL4 currently does not provide any way of desktop notifications. This is where the Teams and Slack bot apps come into play. Using these bot apps, SIGNL4 can send alert notifications additionally into one or multiple Teams or Slack channels.

As this relates to all alert notifications, such channel also represents a central repository for all alerts coming through SIGNL4. On top, in Slack/Teams authenticated SIGNL4 can acknowledge and close alerts from within Teams and Slack. Even annotations are possible. And of course, all actions in Slack and Teams are synched across all users and their SIGNL4 mobile app.


Reach your field-service team in real-time and track responses

The second relevant use case is the manual triggering of alerts to a field services team from Slack or Teams. While the focus of SIGNL4 is cleary the ‘anywhere’ dispatching of critical alerts and services requests, Slack and Teams users can send such critical service task or alert to service teams in the field.

The SIGNL4 chatbot provides the required features to submit an alert to a field service team directly from Slack and Microsoft Teams. When a field service users acknowledges an service task or alert, this action is displayed in Slack/Teams and attached to the original chat. Annotations from the field team are shown as well.

This tight integration with full sync of all field team actions including feedback and comments is a highly powerful capabilities leading to a seamless and immerse communication experience.


How the SIGNL4 chatbots can be used

Here are 2 videos on how the chatbot for Microsoft Teams and Slack work. If you are a user of Teams and Slack you can find the SIGNL4 chatbot app in the official app store of the respective tool.


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