Mobile Push for B2B Communication

Sep 4, 2017 | Communication

SIGNL4 provides a simple way to use mobile push notification to effectively communicate with closed client and customer communities. It opens an excellent channel in B2B communication. Generally, mobile push is an effective mean of communication. Attention level is high and the message-open rate is significantly great than what email yields. For particularly important B2B-related information, this represents a solution for creating the needed attention.

Effective B2B Customer Communication

SIGNL4 offers a couple of dedicated capabilities for an optimum experience:

  1. A mobile App with custom branding
  2. A simple way of using email for triggering a broadcast push
  3. Automated and rapid information distribution
  4. Visualization of relevant information
  5. Persistent notifications with tracking

How do I start my B2B communication with SIGNL4?

To start your new B2B communication channel, you need one person (the admin) to create a SIGNL4 account. This will automatically create your team (customer group). Once you have downloaded the app and signed up, start with customizing the branding. You can upload a header image and give you channel a name.


Next, we suggest to create information categories (“Services & Systems”). These will help you recipients to quickly identify the type of information you’ve sent.

Kategorie Keywords

The next step is to invite clients and customers to your SIGNL4 group/team. This is done by simply adding email addresses. Your clients contacts will receive an email with instruction on how to get the app and join your team. Once your contacts have installed the app and followed the instruction, they are ready to receive your notification messages.

Zur Gruppe einladen

Sending out your push broadcast is done via email. Each group in SIGNL4 has a dedicated email you can address. It is shown under “Team” settings “API”.

Email Adresse

Please, note that you can easily parameterize your email using name and colon to identify a parameter:

Email Versand

Alternatively, you can use our Webhooks to embed a SIGNL4 broadcast in your website or any web form.  Please, find more details here.

Once you have sent your email, group members will receive a mobile notification. When opening the app, your broadcast message looks like this:

Visueller Alarm

New notifications are easily identified on the apps dashboard:

Neue Meldung

That’s it. You are now ready to conveniently deliver important B2B information to your clients, customers and partners.  Within minutes, hundreds of contacts will receive your broadcast.


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