Reliable Mobile Alerting for Microsoft Teams

The seamless Integration of SIGNL4 and Microsoft Teams 

Mobile Alerting App
SIGNL4 Collaboration with MSTeams

SIGNL4 & Microsoft Teams


The SIGNL4 Microsoft Teams App connects your Teams channels with your SIGNL4 team and all events and alerts that SIGNL4 processes. Integration is done via a bot.

Mobile Alerting and Anywhere Incident Management


Value-add and Benefits

The SIGNL4 app for Microsoft Teams provides

  • Notifications about new SIGNL4 alerts in Teams channels
  • Notifications in Teams channels when SIGNL4 alerts are confirmed, annotated, or close

The SIGNL4 app also allows to

  • Change your duty status in SIGNL4
  • Trigger new SIGNL4 alerts to your operations teams
  • Acknowledge or close a SIGNL4 alerts from within a Teams channel

To link the app with Teams you need to enter SIGNL4 credentials.

Alert Notifications

Mobile App, Alerts & Notifications

Mobile Alerting App

The SIGNL4 mobile app is a premier and beautiful tool for alert management, reliable notifications and remote alert management. It also provides you with a convenient way of oncall duty management and facilitates a unique level of cooperation within your team.

Oncall Management

Oncall Scheduling

SIGNL4 complements Microsoft Teams with a complete solution for scheduling and managing oncall duties. This ensures a delivery of critical to staff on duty and eases the operation of oncall teams. SIGNL4 oncall scheduling can be done in any web browser, supports multiple teams, self-service and stand-ins.

Oncall Scheduling SIGNL4

How to connect SIGNL4 to Microsoft Teams

Find the technical documentation how to add powerful alerts and notifications with SIGNL4 to Teams on Github.

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