Mobile Alerts and Notifications for Wazuh

Respond faster and from anywhere to critical incidents

Mobile Alerting App
Mobile App for Alerts and Notifications for Wazuh

SIGNL4 & Wazuh


SIGNL4 adds mobile alerts including app-push, text and voice calls to Wazuh. It also adds automated escalations when needed.  SIGNL4 also introduces an advanced duty scheduling system, ensuring that on-call responsibilities are efficiently allocated and allows you to see who is on duty at any given time.

Wazuh uses webhooks to submit alert information to SIGNL4. You can simply configure it by entering your SIGNL4 webhook URL including team secret / integration secret. 

Mobile Alerting and Anywhere Incident Management


Value-add and Benefits

SIGNL4 is relevant if you are operating a 24/7 security operations and need instant, anywhere alert notifications about SIEM events, cybersecurity incidents and threats. SIGNL4 adds to Wazuh:

  • Reliable mobile alerts via mobile push, text and voice calls
  • Alert notifications with tracking and automated escalations
  • Real-time cross-team transparency on alert status and ownership
  • Mobile app for alert management on Android and iPhone
  • On-call scheduling to alert the right people at the right time

When you add SIGNL4 to Wazuh you benefit from a much faster and reliable incident response, the ability to respond from any place and a tool for 24/7 and oncall alerting. 

Mobile App for Alerts and Notifications for Wazuh

SIGNL4 Mobile App

Mobile Alerting App

The SIGNL4 mobile app is a premier and beautiful tool for alerts and notifications and remote alert management. It provides a single pane of glass for all Wazuh alerts, helping you to navigate the alert maze. It also provides you with a convenient way of oncall duty management and facilitates a unique level of cooperation within your team.

How to connect SIGNL4 to Wazuh

Find the technical documentation how to add powerful alerts and notifications with SIGNL4 to Wazuh on Github.

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