April 2022 Update – Signl categories and duty scheduler improvements

Apr 5, 2022 | General, Updates

With our April update, we ship some great improvements for Signl categories, category-based alerting and duty scheduling. All details are available in this blog article.

Enhanced category matching

Category matching can now also be based on text fragments (“keywords”) that must NOT be included in the event payload. Meaning, we’ve added a logical ‘NOT’ operator making the matching algorithm more granular.

Go to category details – there is a new section where you can specify keywords that must not be present in the received event for the category to match.

Alerting and response profiles based on time AND category

Signls can be handled (alerting, response, etc.) depending on the time of the day. For instance, they can be suppressed, delivered or escalated differently at night time.

We have now extended this mechanism so that these time-based profiles can be linked to specific categories. A good application example is to let critical alert Signls pass during after-business hours and to suppress Signls of minor relevance. Simply, add categories you have created to distinguish Signls to your alerting and response patterns.

Enhancements for duty scheduling

The SIGNL4 Duty Scheduler has been revised to make it easier to use. The following changes and improvements have been shipped:

  • Views are consolidated, i.e. there are now only 2 views, a month view and a day/week view.
  • The shortest duty length in month view is a day, in the day/week view it is half an hour.
  • The month view now always fits the entire months, i.e. up to 31 days while day/week view shows 24 hours and the entire week is scrollable
  • Paging shifts an entire months, or an entire week respectively
  • Navigation and action buttons have been rearranged
  • Duty slots are now displayed more accurately with an overlap

As always, we wish you “happy exploring” 😊

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