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Nov 23, 2021 | General

This article should give you a first idea of what SIGNL4 does.

What do IT security, production monitoring and technical field service have in common? In all these scenarios, the right people need to get notified immediately – in case of technical malfunctions, urgent maintenance orders or emergencies, all in order to solve any incident quickly and efficiently.

Imagine you’re working as a machine maintenance supervisor for a large manufacturing company. Most of the time, you’re on the shop floor, so you can’t constantly look at dashboards or stacklights to see if everything is running as it should. An important machine has broken down or is producing scrap, but by the time one of your colleagues or the dispatcher has found you in one of the 10,000sqm halls, production must be interrupted. Even with tech tools, this is usually a manual process and involves a series of phone calls to find a free maintenance person. You’ve lost time and resources. Now you have to make up for it somehow.

Or do you know the feeling of not being able to enjoy time at home with your family on call because you’re constantly watching to see if you’ll miss an important message? Instead of being relaxed playing soccer with the kids in the backyard or sleeping peacefully at night, you’re restless for fear of missing a critical incident.

So, what does SIGNL4 do?

Every day we help companies and especially the people behind them to solve problems like these. By now, we can help several hundred satisfied customers with our reliable cloud alerting solution SIGNL4. If you have a similar problem, your search is over!

Whether it’s 24/7 alerting, IoT service alerting, production alerting, service/helpdesk, technical field service, IT security, or fire and emergency alerting, SIGNL4 ensures the right people are notified and, on the job in an instant. It adds state-of-the-art mobile alerting and incident response to your services, systems, and processes in no time.

Functional SIGNL4

How does SIGNL4 solve your problems exactly?

SIGNL4 is a versatile solution, the scenarios diverse. If we remember the beginning of the article, IT security, production monitoring and technical field service were mentioned there, among others.

As a machine operator, you are on the road a lot, but you should still be available immediately in case of urgent malfunctions. In many companies, the processes to reach the responsible employees are still done manually. First, you need to find out who is on duty, then how you can reach this person and much more. For example, there are whiteboards with information about which employee is on which phone in production. Or there is an Excel spreadsheet with duty rosters. Or a script to reprogram a telephone system weekly so that the calls go to the right person on call.

But there are already other possibilities! SIGNL4 automates and streamlines your processes by communicating machine issues directly to the right person. Through the mobile, intuitive app you get your notifications directly via app push, SMS and call. You can even configure individually how you want to be notified.

And then, of course, there are the cases when you’re not on site at all because you’re on call. Are you wondering how you can reliably go about your work and still enjoy time with your family? Besides reliable alerting, SIGNL4 offers the possibility of acknowledging alerts and predefined escalation chains – so you always know who is working on the problem and what the status is. You can also collaborate within your teams in case you need additional support. There’s also built-in on-call scheduling, which sends alerts to on-call personnel with pinpoint accuracy. Instead of old-fashioned cell phone hand-offs, reprogramming phone systems, and tedious billing of hours, rosters can be entered simply by dragging and dropping them into the browser. You’ll then have access to your roster in the mobile app at any time and will automatically be entered for the next shift. Of course, you will receive a reminder shortly before the start of your shift.

You want to know more about SIGNL4 features? Take a look at our feature overview.


The SIGNL4 alerting solution ensures fast and accurate transmission of critical information and assured response to major events and incidents. SIGNL4 automates communication processes and reduces misunderstandings, miscommunication, and unnecessary overlaps. It thus ensures the continuity of important processes and higher availability of critical infrastructures and systems.

For you, this means that you can once again reliably go about your work and enjoy the time during on-call duty until an urgent emergency requires your attention. On-call time will be more pleasant, planning will be easier, there will be more transparency and you won’t have to check your mails all the time, as you will be informed about disruptions via the channels of your choice. Filtering alerts ensures that you are only notified when it is important, and you are responsible.

Our customers state that their downtime is significantly reduced thanks to SIGNL4. Your alerting processes become much more reliable and up to 10x faster.

SIGNL4 is a ready-to-use cloud solution SIGNL4 is designed to be up and running in minutes. Implementation is quick and easy and there are numerous integrations for your systems and processes.

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