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Apr 29, 2019 | General, Integrations, Security

Many businesses of all sizes are now aware of the never-ending security risks that threaten the condition of their IT infrastructure. Larger companies have begun to adopt Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software solutions to assist in the daily oversight of their IT security. By taking the best elements of Security Event Management (SEM), which focuses on real-time log data, and Security Information Management (SIM), which provides analysis and reporting, SIEM software has plenty to offer in the realm of IT security. With cutting edge incident detection and analytical capabilities, SIEM software can not only save a company from disaster, but it can also help optimize business for the future.

Many existing solutions are great as they do provide some kind of active SIEM alerting whether through email, pop-ups, or some other desktop-centric method. This is great, but SIEM alerting can be streamlined and made more effective. Being focused on delivering critical alerts to the right people at the right time using multiple channels, tracking and escalations, SIGNL4 is a highly beneficial extension to standard SIEM software.


The Benefits of Security Information and Event Management

Many large scale enterprises have invested money in an IT workforce and a SIEM system of sorts to protect all sides of their business since sensitive information and data is more vast and vulnerable than ever. Below are just a few reasons why it is essential to incorporate SIEM software in your daily work environment.

Advanced Real-time Incident Response: A SIEM solution will gather log data as it happens. This is something that has been enabled by SIM systems of the past. However, today’s SIEM systems are more effective in providing detailed information regarding significant IT threats and avoiding potential false positive situations. These systems are smart enough to a.) identify threatening events that you conditionally define and b.) alert you as it happens. A sleek interface backed by built-in autonomous IT support really helps make daunting tasks a lot easier to tend to. It puts the information you need to see right in front of you, so that you can protect your business in real-time.

Boosted Team Productivity: Why sit and wait for malicious events to occur when you can act against them before they happen? Some systems will keep IT professionals up to date with information regarding threats that have affected users in similar businesses. This information is key as it enables your staff to prepare for what could be tomorrow’s problems. Such systems are even starting to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into their event detection and analysis to better identify threats and patterns that may be occurring over time. AI and deep learning has proven to be effective in so many other business sectors; it only makes sense for to explore that here as well. What if it were possible for your system to suggest how to fix and ongoing incident? With AI, it very well be possible to do so. The less manual troubleshooting, the better. AI may event suggest that you take custom preventive measures for new threats that have yet to affect your business.

Insightful Business Reporting and Analytical Utility: With large volumes of data being generated daily, a SIEM system is able to gather information on many facets of a company. Whether its IT operations, finances, or human resources, a SIEM system can effectively record and help identify trends so that company spending and manpower can be optimized. If something catastrophic does happen, having solid software in place will make it best to identify what led up to that, so that proper precautions are taken for the future.


SIEM Alerting with SIGNL4

SIGNL4 SIEM AlertIT operations teams are no longer limited to a desktop workflow. Nor are security breaches or intruder activities limited to your standard business hours. But a fast and effective response to critical security events counts regardless of your teams location or the time of the day.

Staff responsible for overseeing enterprise IT security may also be responsible for various tasks throughout the company. They likely do not have the time actively analyze log data from their desk at all times. For those moments when a dispatched team is resolving various issues on any given day, it is important they have a method to remain organized and attentive to ongoing events, so that they can better focus on just threat response.

SIGNL4 is a mobile SaaS solution that integrates with existing software to provide enriched alerting capabilities to teams on the go via call, text, and push notification. Beyond persistent and reliable team alerting, SIGNL4 also offers

  • team shift scheduling to manage team availability,
  • in-app ChatOps for fast interaction,
  • incident alert tracking,
  • event filtering to avoid false alarms,
  • visual and acoustic customization of alerts
  • and a lot more

Examples: Extend SolarWinds SIEM with SIGNL4 Mobile Alerting

Solarwinds provides fundamental tools for event/log management and SIEM. To configure SIGNL4 with SolarWinds visit the SIGNL4 integration page for a step-by-step guide. Events or alerts received from SolarWinds will include an event description and an actionable link for mobile workers to observe the ongoing incident. On-duty staff will be able to claim responsibility for the alert, track its status, and  communicate internally via the SIGNL4 app. This makes your teams response independent of location and time, ensuring a fast resolution of critical security incidents.

Thanks to SIGNL4’s flexible API, all it takes to connect any other existing SIEM software is a simple inbound webhook call or an email sent to your teams email address in SIGNL4.


We want to hear what SIEM software you prefer!

Does your company use something other than SolarWinds to handle SIEM tasks? We want to hear what software you currently utilize at your company. Message us via the live chat on our site (see bottom right corner) or send an email to [email protected] to get in touch. We would love to connect with you and hear your thoughts on the current state of Security Information and Event Management solutions. If no Integration documentation for your software choice is currently listed on our site, let us know, and we may be able to assist you in pairing SIGNL4 with your existing solution.


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