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Mobile alerting with tracking & escalation for SolarWinds NPM



SolarWinds can send out alerts, but all too often the emails that are sent from critical events are missed. SIGNL4 ensures that all on duty members receive, acknowledge and resolve those critical alerts, all from their smartphones. With persistent notifications and escalation chains there will never be a critical alert that goes unattended. SIGNL4 also offers ad-hoc collaboration between team members for each and every alert, so Subject Matter Experts can be looped in to help resolve issues.

 How it Works

SIGNL4 notifies teams on their mobile devices when custom alert conditions are met in SolarWinds NPM.

 Integration Capabilities

  • IT staff is alerted via mobile push, text and voice
  • Staff can acknowledge and take ownership for critical events that occur
  • Alerts are escalated in case of no response
  • Communicate within an alert to address a particular problem
  • Inbound webhook or email establishes connection from SolarWinds NPM to a SIGNL4 team


  • Network Monitoring
  • Database and Server Management
  • Service Requests

How To Integrate

From the main dashboard go to Alerts & Activity > Alerts

Select an Alert then click on Edit Alert Definition

Once you are editing the alert click on Triggers Actions.

In the Trigger Actions section click on Add Action.

The simplest form of getting this alert to SIGNL4 is to send an email to the SIGNL4 email address…

If you are already receiving emails to an inbox, just add the SIGNL4 email as a CC.

You can also send a Post Request to the signal.

Enter the URL provided by SIGNL4 and the message that you want delivered.  SIGNL4 will receive this message and generate an alert.

With either of these actions added SIGNL4 will receive the alert and notify on duty members of that team.

Assemble your SIGNL4 team today!


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