September 2019 Update: Improved assigning of categories

Sep 18, 2019 | General, Updates

Our September update improves the assignment of categories to Signl alerts, hence the enrichment and routing of alerts to the right people.

New Category Assignment Operator

Until now, a ‘Services & Systems’ category was assigned to a Signl alert, if at least one of the entered keywords was found in the event content or text delivered to SIGNL4 by email or webhook. This basically represents a logical ‘OR’ operator for this keywords search. If any of the provided keywords was found, the category would have been assigned.

But using such logical OR operator is of course quite limited. To ensure a proper and targeted matching of a category, a match of multiple keywords is more common and useful. Here is an exmaple: Imagine a number of manufacturing machines distributed accross multiple manufacturing halls. These machines signal malfunctions and the events forwarded to SIGNL4 contain a hall number as well as a severity tag and a machine type. So, you would want to receive only critical alerts but tagged with a hall number and a specific machine type for which you are responsible. Therefore, you would need to create categories with keywords combinations, e.g. ‘hall3’ AND ‘critical’ AND ‘A20’ (for the machine type) to receive all critical alerts from A20 machines in Hall 3.

You now have this logical AND operator (‘match if all keywords are found’) as an configuration option for categories in the mobile app.

This feature makes ‘Services&Systems’ matching much more powerful and subsequently enhances the ‘Opt-in/Opt-out’ feature built into SIGNL4 categories.

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