Scheduling Managers on Duty for Alert Escalation

Feb 9, 2022 | General

A question we are hearing often is related to manager escalations, a heavily utilized feature in SIGNL4. Users ask us if those managers can be scheduled. The short answer is ‘yes’, but you need to use a different feature in SIGNL4 and do a little re-configuration.

By November 21 we’ve introduced team escalations (see here) and with this new feature the solution for above’s problem of scheduling managers is at hand. Here is how it works. Instead of using the previous ‘manual punch-in’ feature of managers, do the following:

  1. Create a 2nd team, call it ‘Managers on Duty’ or whatever you prefer
  2. Add all users to this team who previously punched in as ‘managers’
  3. Schedule your users of the ‘Managers on Duty’ team as you prefer (see video on scheduling here)
  4. Now, define the escalation target for your original first-line team in the team’s settings
  5. Go to: of that team
  6. Under ‘Escalation Settings’, enable the switch to escalation tickets
  7. Under “Escalate to’ select ‘Another team’
  8. Under ‘Team’, select your ‘Managers on Duty’ team

That’s it. Escalation works as previously, except it now based on the duty schedule for ‘Managers on Duty’ (or backup team).

PS: We are going to introduce new features shortly, allowing to change the escalation path based on day of the week/time of the day and, a bit later, based on Signl categories. So, stay tuned!

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