Thank you for your fantastic reviews of our mobile alerting app!

Aug 31, 2021 | General

We would like to thank our loyal customers for the numerous reviews of SIGNL4! We are excited that you share your opinion on various rating platforms with other people and support us.

Why we work with G2Crowd and Capterra

G2Crowd is the largest B2B marketplace for software in the world, where you can already find 1.3 million authentic reviews for business software and services from verified customers and end users. This allows you to compare them and makes it easier for you to make the right B2B buying decision. G2Crowd regularly publishes reports that give users an overview of product comparisons and market trend analysis, where market presence and customer satisfaction are key considerations.

Capterra , a Gartner company, is also a platform that offers the possibility to compare nearly 1.2 million software user reviews and to publish reviews of tested software to help other users make purchasing decisions.

Being visible on these marketplaces with good ratings is indispensable for software and cloud companies today. But the Google and Apple app stores also play an enormously important role. Especially if you offer a mobile app as part of the overall solution, as it is the case for SIGNL4. That’s why we also value great ratings in these mobile app stores.

What is SIGNL4?

SIGNL4 is an out-of-the-box cloud solution that enables operations and business teams to respond 10x faster and effectively to critical alerts, major incidents and urgent service requests. It also enables connectivity with a third-party app and automates critical notification workflows with tracking and escalations. SIGNL4 connects machines, IT or any other application to the right person at the right time to ensure automated delivery of critical alerts and service requests.

We are super excited about your ratings!

Capterra: 4.9 stars with 11 ratings
Playstore: 10,000+ downloads, 4.5 stars with 89 reviews
Appstore: 4.7 stars with 34 reviews
G2Crowd: 5 stars with 2 reviews

These ratings put us above the average, especially with comparable products. This is an incentive for us!

What are the most popular features according to your reviews?

Reviews on the marketplaces and app stores give both potential customers and us good indications of popular features and areas for improvement.

1. Modern design

“Very well designed and very reliable… Excellent Ui and UX.” Georg v., Managing Director, on Capterra

2. Easy to use und to set up

“Ease of use and integration is top notch.” Michael S., COO, on Capterra

“Top product for 24×7 alerting, is very easy to configure and works reliably!” Zlatko B., Technical Account Manager, on Capterra

3. Extremely reliable alerting

“Awesome Alerting Solution. The App provides a reliable alerting solution, though an API or even through an email triggering. The solution is full of awesome feature which meet all of my needs for professional or personal projects” – Jaime B. on G2Crowd

“The high reliability of the software is unique! We searched for a comparable solution for a long time!” Frank S., Team Leader Data Center Management, on Capterra

4. On-call scheduling

“Ideal for our IT on-call service” – Jürgen K. on the Google Playstore

“With this system we have very good mobile alerting with manager escalation, time scheduling and auto calling when analyst don’t confirm alert. Great way to integrate with monitoring software, easy to use, shift scheduling, can create teams, manager escalation.”- Zbigniew Z. on Capterra

5. Seamless integration with third-party products

“Very impressive & reliable. We can only report positive things! Stunning variety of integration possibilities…” – SportsmanPro, On Apple Appstore

“I mostly liked the feature of push and call service. We were easily connected with our Zabbix and were ready to receive calls.” – Christian A., Developer, on Capterra

“It was easy to install the software with Icinga/Nagios and took only 2 hours…”, Lars-Thorsten S., Founder, on Capterra

We especially laughed about the WAF that one user described. The WAF is the “Wife Acceptance Factor” and it is -1. At least in this case, because our customer had forgotten to warn his wife and the nightly alarm was then probably a bit unpleasant. We really wish to score a better WAF next time to make sure your partners are satisfied with SIGNL4, too 😉

Thank you very much!

Once again we would like to thank you for the numerous recommendations! If you would also like to rate us on Capterra or G2Crowd, we would be happy to receive your reviews! There you can read all reviews in full length.

If you want to ensure reliable alerting of your employees in the future, click here to test SIGNL4 for 30 days for free.

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