October 2019 Update: Improved usability and new emergency alarm triggering in the app

Oct 29, 2019 | General

The October update of the mobile app includes the improvements described below and the user experience includes a new feature.

Simplified handling of categories

The user interface of the app has been improved so that you can now decide for yourself if you want to see all Signls on the dashboard differentiated by categories. Using the “More” button on the dashboard’s Signl widget, you can now open a context menu and show or hide the display of the categories.

For example, if you don’t assign your team’s Signls to any categories, you can hide them and there will be more space on the dashboard.

It is now also possible to edit the categories from this context menu. Just click on “Edit categories”.

The same is possible directly from the details of the respective Signl. If you press the context menu button in the upper right corner, a context menu for this Signl will appear from below and you can directly edit the category assigned to the Signl (e.g. change the notification tone for Signls of this category).

Last but not least, each category now has its own context menu, which can be opened via the menu button in the upper right corner of the category details. For example, you can delete the opened category.

Revised triggering of manual emergency alarms

The triggering of manual alarms has been simplified and now includes useful mechanics for the secure triggering of an emergency. If an employee is in an emergency, he can now choose between three types of emergency:

  • Manual alarm
  • Nofall with site transfer
  • General emergency without location transfer

The three categories can be set by tap on the respective symbol above the emergency text. To assign these categories to the triggered signl, it is important that your SIGNL4 team has created appropriate categories. These categories then need a context-relevant keyword for the correct category assignment. An example would be this setup:

  1. Category name: “Nofall Signl”, Keywords: “Emergency of”.
  2. Category name: “Location Signl”, Keywords: “Current position of”
  3. Category name: “Manual Alarm”, Keywords: “Signl from”

After the emergency category has been selected and an optional message text has been stored, the emergency can be triggered by pressing and holding the trigger button. Your employees are therefore always in a position to trigger emergencies including the transmission of the location (e.g. in the factory, etc.), whereby the accidental triggering is excluded.


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