August 2019 Update: Mobile Alert Dashboard and PSD2 Support

Aug 14, 2019 | General, Updates

Our August update makes SIGNL4 fit for the new “Payment Services Directive 2”. In addition, we have added extended the mobile alert dashboard and added new metrics. The enhanced dashboard of the SIGNL4 mobile app now shows alert counters per ‘services & systems’ category. Here come the details….

Category Dashboard Metrics

When opening the SIGNL4 app, you now see at a glance how many new Signls were raised per system or service categories you’ve opted in. For example, you can see at a glance how many problems a specific IT system or machine has caused. Tapping on a category metric brings you directly to a pre-filtered list of Signls.

These new metrics on the dashboard provide for a faster situational awareness and greater alert management effectiveness and convenience. Here is how it looks:

The new metrics on the dashboard can be customized for each user as they align with their category opt-in status. If, for example, a category metric is irrelevant (e.g. if are not responsible for such IT system or machine), you can hide this category including the all related Signls. Simply, go to ‘Settings -> Services and Systems ‘ and set the circular button of the respective category to “Hidden”). In this case, the category will no longer be displayed on the dashboard.

If category metrics are generally not of relevance for you, you can hide the metrics entirely.


PSD2 support

The “Revised Payment Services Directive” is a new EU regulation which becomes effective officially on September 14. An essential part of this regulation is the introduction or the binding regulation of so-called “Strong Customer Authentication” (SCA). This means that a secure 3D Secure (3DS) process must be used for all purchases made with a credit card. In addition to entering the conventional credit card data, this includes the authentication of the cardholder by means of a so-called second factor. This second factor is usually based on something you own (hardware) or know but depends on your credit card provider. Usually, they will confirm the transaction when making a purchase, using a special smartphone app or an SMS code sent to the phone. Details can be obtained from your credit card provider.

For you as a European SIGNL4 customer, this means that you have to authenticate your SIGNL4 purchases (SIGNL4 plans and users) in addition to your credit card details until the credit card is accepted and a payment can be made. For ongoing credit card charges as part of your SIGNL4 subscription, no further authentication should be required for the time being and nothing will change initially. However, it can happen that from time to time additional authentication is necessary for the renewal of the subscription. In this case, SIGNL4 will send you an email with further instructions on how to complete a 3DS approval for the transactions.


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