Alert Notifications for Maintenance Teams

Oct 21, 2016 | General, OT & IoT

Maintenance of machines is an incredibly important task. And it is important to fix a machine before it completely fails. Once an issue is detected is important to communicate as reliably and quickly as possible to the right engineer. Ideally, the machine is connected directly to team of mobile engineers in charge and can let them know when there is something to fix or to repair.

Solution for Maintenance Teams

With SIGNL4 this is the case and maintenance teams become truly mobile. Machines or MES and SCADA systems can send maintenance notifications to teams on duty using the plug&play APIs of SIGNL4. On the mobile app maintenance engineers do see in real-time who responded and who took over which maintenance job. No further communication to search for idle team members or to confirm job ownership is necessary. Later shifts can easily see what happened in the previous shifts, and which jobs were completed. One-touch communication options helps engineers to contact each other to solve problems jointly.

SIGNL4 provides:

  • Automated real-time notifications to maintenance teams
  • Notifications to active personnel on duty only
  • Simplified shift punch-in and out
  • 1-click job assignment confirmations
  • Real-time transparency on job ownership

The central piece is the SIGNL4 mobile app which is available for iOS and Android. Team setup can be completed in minutes.


Automated mobile maintenance alerts lead to a much faster response to any disturbance or even interruption of manufacturing or machinery operations. It significantly reduces the mean-time-to-response. Maintenance alerts are targeted to right personnel who is actively on duty.

Small and medium companies (SME) are looking for the best approach to embrace the “Industrie 4.0” initiative. Clearly, value comes first and operational excellence is one target. Experts agree on a step-by-step approach. SIGNL4 is a low-barrier entrance to better operations and a building block of the smart and automated factory. SIGNL4 can be easily connected to and embedded into existing environments and systems. The return-on-investment is quick through the simplification and automation of formerly manual processes.

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