July 2023 Update – New user management, Duty stand-ins, incident response in voice-calls and simplified SSO

Jul 19, 2023 | Updates

User July update includes a new and optimized user management in the web portal and a new feature in the duty scheduler, which allows to easily create stand-ins for scheduled duty personnel. Furthermore, it is now possible to acknowledge or close Signls directly during the call. As always, all details can be found in this blog article.

New user management in the Web Portal

Our revised user management in the Web Portal offers much better performance and much shorter loading times, especially for larger numbers of users.

In addition, there are now extensive search and filter functions so that users can be found and edited much faster. This includes:

  • Full text search by name and email address
  • Alphabet bar for name search
  • Sorting by role, team memberships and status

You can now also invite up to 10 users at once in our new invitation experience:


Create stand-ins in the duty planner

Another highlight of this July update is the new stand-in feature in the duty schedule. With this feature it is now very easy to handle sudden unavailabilities of scheduled duty personnel. Examples are spontaneous doctor’s appointments the next morning or a personal emergency during a running shift.

In such cases, you can now create a substitution as follows:

  1. In the team’s duty schedule, click the shift of the person who needs a stand-in.
  2. Click on Stand-in.
  3. In the appearing dialog you simply select the stand-in period and the user who takes over.

Apply the stand-in by clicking on Save.

The original shift is broken up or shortened around the substitution period and a new substitution shift is entered for the substitute. Thus, any reporting is based on actually managed on-call hours.

Responding to incidents on the phone

In cases where you have missed error messages, e.g. in the app, and you are notified again via a phone call, you can now also acknowledge these signals immediately during the phone call by pressing buttons on the number pad or close them directly, depending on your rights.

Thus, it is no longer necessary to open the app after you have been called in order to acknowledge the Signl there.

Simplified SSO with Microsoft/AAD account

Until now, logging into SIGNL4 with an existing Microsoft or AAD account always required a new logon with all rolled-out factors (password, app, etc.) with Microsoft. This has now been simplified, making single sign-on more user-friendly. If you already have a Microsoft session, you only need to select the account you want to use with SIGNL4 once and you will immediately see the SIGNL4 portal.


As always, we hope you have fun exploring 😊


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