July 2021 Update: Users can be members of multiple teams

Jul 7, 2021 | General, Updates

The time has come! Users in SIGNL4 can now be a member of multiple teams. This allows for staff to be on duty in multiple groups or departments in parallel and to receive related alert notifications for incidents that occur in the different teams. In addition, you can now also send Signls to multiple teams.
All details are available in this article.

User management and team assignment

As SIGNL4 administrator you can now assign users to multiple teams:

  • Log in to the portal and click on “Users”
  • Open the desired user and add a new team in the “Teams” section and assign a role to the user in this team (see below)


  • Click on “Teams” in the portal and click on the desired team
  • Then click on “Members” in the menu
  • Click on “Invite new user”
  • Enter the email address of the user and select a role that the user should have in the team

The user’s role in the team can only be selected if the user is not an administrator. If the user is an administrator, he has full access to all teams anyway and therefore no special role can be selected.
Nevertheless, an administrator himself is also a member of one or more teams. So he himself can be on duty and receive alarms just like other colleagues. There are no team-less users in SIGNL4.

More information about the existing user roles can be found here.

User management and team assignment

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Managing multiple teams

If a user is “Team Administrator” in several teams, he can manage these teams and sees the entry “Teams” in the menu. A click on the desired team activates this team in the menu and the user can then e.g. in the area “Members” add or remove new users to this team. This also includes administrators! Users who are already in other SIGNL4 teams are simply added to the current team. Otherwise the user will receive an email describing how to join SIGNL4.

Managing multiple teams

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New dashboard in the portal

The dashboard in the portal now has a new Signl chart for each team the user is a member of, or simply lists all teams if the user is an administrator in SIGNL4. It gives instant insight about the alerts in the teams as well as the response (new, acknowledged, closed). You can drill down to the Signl Center by clicking on a chart bar.


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Mobile app with a new look

Of course, our app has also received a new look in one or two places:

  • The duty status in the upper area is now also displayed per team and it is possible to change it for each team on tap.
  • The new default view in the Signl widget is “Signls during the last 24 hours”. If you are in more teams, you can swipe to see the Signls in the current or the last duty for those teams.
  • In this context, the display of alarm categories has also changed. Now only categories are shown if there were Signls in the category. The sorting has been changed from alphabetical to number of Signls.
  • The dashboard header always shows the team picture of the team the user has been a member of for the longest time. By the way, this team is displayed in bold in the Settings -> Team Options section
    • Speaking of settings. All team based settings like services and systems (categories) are now manageable only after team selection first.
Mobile app with a new look

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Send Signls to multiple teams

In the app you can now send Signls to multiple teams you are a member of. The latter also applies to administrators (they cannot send to teams they are not a member of in the app). To do this, simply select the teams you want to send to or select “All”. After that your message will be sent to all selected teams.

Send Signls to multiple teams

New API version 2

The release has introduced some topology changes which we have reflected or implemented in a new API version 2 for our REST API. If you are integrated with SIGNL4 via the API and you want to use the new multi team membership features with your integration, then you should upgrade to API version 2. The base URI of API 2 is https://api.signl4.com/api/v2/

Otherwise, no changes are required and you can stay on version 1 for still a while.

Happy exploring! 😉

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