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Aug 28, 2017 | General, ITOM & ITSM


Knowing about IT incidents as fast as possible is key in IT Operations Management to ensure maximum IT uptime. Critical incidents or IT problems are often communicated by email only, typically as a broadcast to the complete team. This leads to confusion about who task responsibility (“broadcast dilemma”) and creates “alert fatigue”.


SIGNL4 allows for fully automated alert notifications to responsible IT engineers . It extends any IT monitoring systems with mobile real-time notifications considering availability and duties.

SIGNL4 provides:

  • Targeted real-time alert notifications to personnel on duty
  • Persistent notifications to mobile devices
  • 1-click confirmation of IT alerts for better transparency & accountability
  • Avoidance of confusion about who is taking care of what
  • 1-click communication for cross-team incident resolution
  • Simplified integration with all IT monitoring tools via email (SMTP) or REST API

SIGNL4 integrates with:

  • ServiceNow, Microsoft OMS, Microsoft Azure, Nagios, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Systems Center, BMC and many many other tools


SIGNL4 is the easiest way to send major and critical IT alerts to your team in real-time. It increases uptime of business-critical IT systems through a much faster team response (meantime-to-respond). Users of SIGNL4 claim an up to 10x faster response over manual notification processes. After an individual has acknowledged, and reacted to alerts that are received, other team members can identify responsibility and track task progress right from the SIGNL4 app. Overall team awareness is boosted and less communication is required for there to be a common understanding of work in progress. This awareness is also carried between shifts with outstanding alerts that may not yet be resolved. IT maintenance staff clocking in for duty are able to view which Signls are resolved, and which Signls are still active. In-alert chat and annotations can additionally be reviewed or added to so that an IT monitoring staff can collaborate on a critical channel as much as needed.

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