Alerting of Service Technicians in Facility Management

Apr 15, 2021 | General

In buildings today, there are numerous systems that require regular maintenance or that need attention as quickly as possible if problems are detected. This applies, for example, to heating systems, air conditioning, cooling, ventilation, elevators or fire alarm systems. Modern facility management systems are able to reliably monitor such systems.

Modern Alerting with SIGNL4

But how does the information about malfunctions or detected problems get to the responsible service technicians as quickly and reliably as possible? This is where SIGNL4 comes into play. Our SIGNL4 partner Apfeltec helps customers in Switzerland to realize projects in the field of facility management including alarming.

Here is an example.

Objective: Reliable alerting of service technicians in a rural building complex.

Technologies and Devices:

  • Heating, ventilation, cooling
  • Security systems
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Elevator technology
  • Fire alarm systems


Fire alarm systems and elevator emergency calls are usually connected directly by the manufacturer with the fire department or with the emergency call. In parallel, however, it makes sense to quickly alert first responders like service technicians on site.

The integration of the building technology depends on the existing systems. In our example, this is done via dry contacts, which are connected via Siemens controllers with I/O contacts. Blue ID controllers (formerly HX controllers) from Priva are also used here.

Other systems support the ESPA protocol and are connected via serial interfaces. SAIA PCD3 controllers are used here.

From there, the connection to SIGNL4 is made via email. A connection via webhook is also possible, but email is often a convenient choice supported by all systems.

More information on connecting SIGNL4 with building management systems can be found here.


If a problem is detected, the alarm is sent quickly and reliably via app push, SMS text or voice call to the responsible service technicians or facility managers, no matter where they are located.


SIGNL4 can be easily and quickly integrated with existing building management systems. Due to its persistent alerting, simple handling and integrated duty planning, SIGNL4 offers a practicable, automated alerting from technical systems, which proves itself in practice again and again. Some of the benefits of SIGNL4 are the following:

  • Faster response/repair in case of critical equipment failure
  • (Mobile) real-time overview of all failures facilitates prioritization of work (single pane of glass)
  • Optimization of rounds and maintenance tasks
  • Clear responsibilities and integrated on-call planning
  • Quickly operational and effortless connection of new systems

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