February 18 Update: Alert Audit Trail, Management of 3rd Party Apps

Feb 19, 2018 | General

The February 2018 update adds the following new features to SIGNL4:

  • CSV alert protocols, e.g. for Excel import and analytics
  • Management of linked third-party applications, e. g. Alexa Skill

CSV audit trail log of all alarms and notifications

With the help of the CSV audit trail protocols, it is now possible to evaluate how many alarms and messages were generated, when this happened and who confirmed and closed them. So, in addition to the duty hours log, a further audit-proof log is now available. The alert log is updated daily. It contains the following parameters:

  • Timestamp: The time of the alarm event in UTC format (translated from Excel to local time)
  • EventId: The internal SIGNL4 ID of the event entry
  • EventType: The type of alarm event, e. g.’ Alert_New’ or’ Alert_Confirmed’
  • AlertId: A unique ID for an alert. This is the same for all event types of the alert, i. e. the’ life cycle’ of the alert can be tracked
  • UserId: The unique SIGNL4 user ID, which can be used to group together, for example, how many alerts have been acknowledged by this user
  • UserMail: The email address of the user who performed an action on the alert, e.g. a confirmation/acknowledgement
  • Content: The content (subject plus text) of the alarm

Manage third-party applications

With the management of third-party applications, it is now possible to unlock SIGNL4 for third-party applications (currently Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Flow) or to remove the so-called “consent”, i. e. the permission for integration or linking. Further third party applications are under development and will be listed shortly.

Both new functions can be accessed via the management portal.

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