Mobile Service Alerting for Manufacturing

An Industry 4.0 solution for faster response to machine breakdown

The Challenge

Urgent breakdown maintenance calls are a common scenario on a shop floor, e.g. in manufacturing or logistics. Response is of critical matter as equipment breakdowns bring your operations to a grinding halt. When a machine breaks down or malfunctions, a maintenance engineer on duty or on call needs to be notified, usually through the machine showing blinking red light or manually by a person using a landline phone that is located somewhere on the shop floor. With more digitized manufacturing, an (I)IoT platform or SCADA system might recognize the break down and display an indicator on computer screen.

However, manual dispatching requires precious human resources and is rarely real-time.


With SIGNL4 maintenance teams become truly mobile. Machines or MES and SCADA systems can directly send urgent maintenance notifications to teams on duty. On the mobile app maintenance engineers do see in real-time who responded and  who took over which maintenance job. No further communication to search for idle team members or to confirm job ownership is needed. Later shifts can easily see what happened and which jobs were done. The one-touch communication options helps engineers to contact each other to solve problems jointly.



Automated mobile maintenance alerts leads to a much faster response to any disturbance or even interruption of manufacturing or machinery operations. It significantly reduces the mean-time-to-response. Maintenance alerts are targeted to right personnel who is actively on duty.

Small and medium companies (SME) are looking for the best approach to embrace the “Industrie 4.0” initiative. Clearly, value comes first and operational excellence is one target. Experts agree on a step-by-step approach. SIGNL4 is a low-barrier entrance to better operations and a building block of the smart and automated factory. The return-on-investment is quick through the simplification and automation of formerly manual processes.


SIGNL4 is an out-of-the-box, cloud-based alerting solution for manufacturing scenarios. It provides provides immediate efficiency gains, transparency and much faster response times.

Existing systems such as IoT platforms or more conventional systems like ERP, MES and SCADA can be easily connected, e. g. by email or webhook.

Mobile Alert Management