Mobile Alerting App SIGNL4

Mobile Alerting. Anywhere Incident Management. Made for Superheros.

When critical Systems fail, don't hope for the best... respond like a Superhero!

Stay ahead of critical incidents with SIGNL4 and its superpowers. SIGNL4 provides superior and automated mobile alerting, delivers alerts to the right people at the right time and enables operations teams to respond and to manage incidents from anywhere.

Faster Incident Response


Less Unexpected Downtime


Less False Alerts

Mobile Alerting App SIGNL4

iOS and Android App

Anywhere Alert and Incident Management

Intuitive mobile alerting and incident management app for Android and iPhone acts as a single pane of glass for incidents and alerts from multiple sources. Rich and actionable alerts with visual categories, links, maps, images, videos and much more. Respond from any place, instantly and in real-time.

Never miss an alert

Advanced Mobile Alerting

Reliable and super-fast delivery of alerts via push, text, email and voice calls. Time-based notification profiles, delivery tracking, alert acknowledgements and automated escalations. Customizable push sounds and mute-override.

Shift and Duty Scheduling

Oncall Management

Convenient scheduling of shifts and on-call duty in your browser. Plus ad-hoc duty management from the mobile app. ‘Who is on call’ dashboards. Routes alerts to the right people at the right time.

After-business Hours Services

Call Routing

SIGNL4 is your after-hours call routing solution and supports both live voice call routing and a voice mailbox which can notify your staff with any left recording. 

Seamless Connectivity

175+ Integrations

Integrates with any system via Email, Webhook and 2-way connectors. Comprehensive REST API. Consolidates events and alerts from multiple sources in IT, IoT, manufacturing, etc. 175+ tested and verified integrations. Integration with Teams and Slack.

Mobile Alerting and Anywhere Incident Management

A proven solution

Our customers

SIGNL4 has over 1,000 customers in Europe, North America and other regions. SIGNL4 rates 4-5 stars in app stores and on review sites like Capterra, GetApp and G2.

“Love SIGNL4. More time with no worries. We are able to ensure that every service request is addresses in a timley manner. Someone is responsible for every service interaction. Nothing slips through.”

Dan B.

Manager Pharmacy Automation

Great product, with even better people behind it!”

Jesper Jensen

Consultant, Solvo IT

“It is a very nice cloud based tool with a lot of functions. Every alert can have its own category for a better overview. Excellent calender function. But the best is the easy to use app.”

Rouven T.

IT Manager, Retail Industry

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