Welcome to our podcast “The Alerting Experts” – the podcast on reliable alerting for critical systems.

Learn more about how Derdack SIGNL4 revolutionizes your response to critical incidents – cases and customer stories from the real world.


Derdack CEO Unveils Signl4: Revolutionizing Real-Time Incident Management

In this brand-new episode Doreen interviews Matthes, the CEO & Visionary of Derdack, as we explore the core of mobile incident management and the importance of real-time alerting and seamless communication. Join us as we unveil the innovative culture of Derdack, a bootstrapped company, leveraging innovation as an advantage. Discover how Signl4 bridges the last mile, empowering on-call, remote, and mobile teams to collaborate effectively. Stay tuned for stories of success and the transformative impact of Signl4 in critical incident management.


Building a Sustainable and Secure Future in Cybersecurity

In this episode, Maarten Goet, Director of Cybersecurity at Wortell, shares valuable insights on what MSPs in the security space need to keep in mind for building a sustainable and successful future. Learn about key aspects that support your digital transformation and the importance of a fully integrated solution for a holistic view and a better response to potential threats and cyberattacks. Hear Maarten talk about Microsoft’s journey and their evolution into a trailblazing security solution provider and how you can prepare your MSP business for upcoming regulations and threats.


Scinetiq CEO Reveals Insights: Defense, Automation & Future IoT

Join us for an engaging discussion with Hugh Dean, the CEO of Scinetiq Technology Solutions. Listen to his captivating journey in the defense sector, the inception of Scinetiq, and how he came to collaborate with Derdack. Discover the great value of Derdack’s SIGNL4 in seamlessly integrating with external resources and enabling streamlined automation across various ventures, including drone operations. Get some insights into the challenges of the South African market and hear Hugh share his vision on the future of IoT.


The Power of Customer-Centricity in Building a Thriving Business

CEO Insights – Matthes speaks with Doreen, CEO and President of Derdack Corp., to discuss the strategies and approaches that have helped Derdack become a respected player in critical alerting and incident management within the US market. Doreen shares insights on how the company has managed to maintain a customer-centric culture while also dealing with industry challenges and a highly competitive environment. This conversation offers valuable lessons for anyone looking to build a successful business in a rapidly evolving industry.


The Future of Data Processing

Join Mikael Samuelsson, Director of Strategic Alliances and Partners at Crosser Technologies, as he shares his expert insights on how the company’s edge computing platform is transforming the fields of manufacturing, healthcare, and smart agriculture. Discover how the platform’s unique features, including local data processing and centralized management, are revolutionizing data management and analysis. In addition, Mikael discusses the benefits of integrating Crosser’s platform with SIGNL4 for real-time incident management.


Arturs Lontons of Zabbix on IT Monitoring and Ensuring 24/7 Availability

Tech Experts Talk – Technical Marketing Engineer at Zabbix, Arturs Lontons and the CEO of Derdack, Matthes about the ever-evolving world of modern IT monitoring. Learn about the success of Zabbix and the challenges of running mission-critical IT and ensuring high availability, and deep dive into the art of alerting for 24/7 IT ops.


Solutions for global Cybersecurity Challenges

Frederik, Founder & CEO of Shuffle, shares his vision of companies working in the space and the importance OpenSource plays in it all. He will also talk about challenges in the industry and how the human factor leads to the importance of partnering with companies like Derdack and solutions like SIGNL4.

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Efficient Service Delivery by automating your Incident Response

Hear first hand how Greenlight Group is able to fully automate their ITSM response by integrating Derdack’s SIGNL4 with their ITSM systems for ease of transition and reassignment of calls or full transparency for management as to who is taking care of what. Joe Madden, President of Greenlight Group, shares Greenlight’s experience and use cases in implementing SIGNL4.

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Technology and Opportunities for Cybersecurity Service Providers

Callum Golding, founder of CSP Lighthouse, a Cyber Security Provider from Adelaide, Australia, talks about challenges and opportunities in the cyber security space and his experiences of using Derdack’s alerting and incident response solution SIGNL4 at CSP.

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