SecOps Alerting with Duty Scheduling

Respond up to 10x faster to security incidents

The Challenge

Knowing about security incidents as fast as possible is key in 24/7 SecOps, especially in today’s times. Especially during out-of-business hours. However, critical incidents or security issues are often communicated poorly:

  • Either by email only with no sense of ownership or delivery tracking
  • Or by broadcasting an issue to the entire team
  • Without considering responsibility or duty schedules
  • Without strong escalation features

This not only leads to confusion about who taking care of what (“broadcast dilemma”) but also creates “alert fatigue” due to too many false or irrelevant alerts.

Both deficits ultimately lead to poor responsiveness. And most critical, response is unnecessary slow.


SIGNL4 allows for fully instant, automated and targeted alert notifications to responsible security engineers on duty/on call. The combination of mobile push, text and voice ensures a rapid response to business-threatening incidents.


  • extends any security/SIEM systems with mobile real-time notifications considering availability and duties
  • built-in duty scheduling for drag&drop planning in your browser
  • routes alerts automatically to IT security staff on duty
  • notifies persistently until acknowledgement
  • escalates to a management person if an alert is not confirmed in time
  • supports rich and actionable alert messages information, easing the decision whether immediate actions are necessary or not
  • reports on alerts and responses after each shift/duty


SIGNL4 is the fastest path to reliably delivering critical security alerts to your SecOps team – any time, any place. It provides for a much faster response (meantime-to-respond). Users of SIGNL4 claim an up to 10x faster response over manual notification processes, involving SOC personnel.

Mobile Alert Management

Basic Principle

Functional Principle SIGNL4

Critical security events and incidents like intrusions, DynDNS & DoS attacks, etc

Critical events come in via email or webhook, get categorized and enriched and are automatically routed

Alert notifications via persistent push, voice, text to staff on duty with tracking, escalations and ownership

On Call Scheduling with SIGNL4

On-call Scheduling SIGNL4

SIGNL4 provides integrated, easy to use on-call scheduling. It provides for automated routing of critical alerts to staff on duty. All you need is your browser to schedule your team’s availabilities. Here is a list of on-call scheduling features:

Flexible Scheduling

  • Schedule multiple people for the same shift
  • Total planning flexibility including overlapping schedules/time slots
  • Granularity of 30 mins in scheduling
  • Time zone  support

Shift Handover and Standins

  • Automated punch in/out of team members based on the team’s schedule
  • Simple stand-ins by punching in/out from within the mobile app
  • Handover assistant to display shift patterns in the scheduler

Reporting and Audit Trail

  • Automated post-shift reports if handover assistant is switched on
  • Past shifts are locked for audit reasons
  • Minimum staffing level enabled based on the number of scheduled team members


  • Schedule shifts and duties ahead from your browser
  • Full screen view and 3 zoom levels for great usability
  • Display of next shift start and shift end in the mobile app

Sample Integrations

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