IoT Service Alerting

Automatically notify and alert your field service teams from your IoT sensors and devices

The Challenge

Knowing about detected anomalies, incidents or critical data as fast as possible is key in IoT operations & sensor data management to get the most out of your IoT infrastructure. Critical incidents or events are often communicated poorly:

  • On a dashboard that needs to be monited continuously
  • or by email only with no sense of ownership or delivery tracking
  • Or by broadcasting an issue to the entire team without considering responsibility or duty schedules

This inherits the danger of missing critical events, or leads to confusion about who taking care of what (“broadcast dilemma”) or creates “alert fatigue”. Both deficits ultimately lead to poor responsiveness when it counts.


SIGNL4  adds great capabilies for critical mobile alerting to your IoT application. SIGNL4 allows for fully automated and targeted alert notifications to responsible engineers on duty/on call, thus reaching out directly to field service staff. It extends any IoT platform or hardware with mobile real-time notifications considering availability and duties of staff. It notifies persistently by text, voice and mobile push until acknowledgement. And escalates to a management person if an alert is not confirmed in time. SIGNL4 also supports rich and actionable alert messages information, easing the decision whether immediate actions are necessary or not.


SIGNL4 lets your operations staff respond much faster and independently of their location. It is the easiest way to send major and critical alerts to your team. At the same time, the SIGNL4 app becomes a “single pane of glass” for all critical IoT signals, alerts and events.

SIGNL4 increases uptime of mission-critical IoT installations through a much faster meantime-to-respond. Users of SIGNL4 claim an up to 10x faster response over manual notification processes.

Notification Pattern

Basic Principle

Mobile Alerting with SIGNL4

Events in AWS IoT, Azure IoT, Mindsphere, Particle, Raspberry, Pycom and other IoT platforms and sensors

Event categorization, enrichment and smart routing

Alert notifications via persistent push, voice, text to staff on duty with tracking, escalations and ownership

Sample IoT Integrations





AT&T IoT Platform


AWS IoT Button


Axonize (now Platon)


Sample Video

IoT Integration Sample with Azure IoT and Pycom

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