Emergency Alerting

Respond faster and more reliably to safety, fire and emergency alerts

The Challenge

Industrial environments are full of potential dangers. Chemical hazards, fire outbreaks and other disastrous accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, it is key to have a fast, reliable and error-free notification method which alerts the responsible personnel immediately.


SIGNL4 offers fully automated alerting and utilizes various notification channels including text, voice, pager and push via mobile app. It can track notifications, confirmations and escalations ensuring successful delivery of emergency and safety alerts. The built-in shift and duty scheduling as well as a powerful alert subscription mechanism provides for targeted delivery to the right people with the right skills at the right time.

Industrial and facility control and monitoring systems can be connected in order to fully automate alerting workflows. The mobile app provides a 1-click solution to trigger emergency alerts with GPS location information. Alerts can also be sent from the SIGNL4 web portal.


SIGNL4 is a highly effective and extremely reliable solution to alert and notify affected people and staff who can deal with critical situations, accidents and other disasters.

The high grade of automation in SIGNL4 significantly reduces response times and communication errors while providing an unmatched level of transparency.

The user interface of SIGNL4 is designed for usability and low training effort.

SIGNL4 Emergency Notifications

How it works

Alert trigger

Alerts are triggered from facility management systems, fire detectors or manually from the mobile app or the web portal

Forwarding to SIGNL4

Detected critical event information is forward to the proper SIGNL4 team

Who is in charge?

Based on a built-in duty schedule and alert subscriptions, SIGNL4 checks who the right persons are to receive the alert

SIGNL4 Alerting

SIGNL4 immediately starts the notification process using mobile app with push, text and voice and even a legacy pagers. It tracks delivery and responses

SIGNL4 escalation

If required in case of no response/no alert acknowledgement, SIGNL4 can escalate to a manager after a configurable time.


SIGNL4 provides a built-in chat to facilitate ad-hoc responses and status messages. It also features additional contact methods working at a click of a button.


Track delivery, responses and communications in real-time in the mobile app or webportal
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