After-Hours Service Desk Call Routing

Let no important customer call go unnoticed

Even small and medium sized business are required to provide services at their customer’s fingertips. Offering a service or help desk with a 24/7 operated voice line is common. It is however a challenge to staff those services during after-hours. Even for larger enterprises with low call volume it doesn’t make sense to staff such hotline around the clock. So, on-call or standby seems like a solution.

It might also prove hard to pick up the phone in the middle of the night and to be fresh and bright in an instant when an upset customer calls. And while a voice mailbox sounds good it leaves you with the challenge of getting a reliable notification out when a customer left a voicemail. Such important call notification should never go unnoticed.

Call routing

SIGNL4 is your solution and supports both live call routing and a voice mailbox which can notify your staff with any left recording. It is a plug & play solution and set up within minutes. SIGNL4 will provide your customers or staff members with a phone number to call. Incoming calls will be automatically routed to a person on call.

If nobody is available or if live call routing is not wanted, an integrated voice mailbox records a message and then notifies on-call staff on their mobile phone. They can then open the SIGNL4 alert in the mobile app and press the ‘Play’ button to listen to your customer’s recording.

SIGNL4 is great and powerful solution to any 24/7 service desk hotline that is operated with an on-call or stand-by team. It eases the pain for operations staff as it avoids direct calls. It makes sure that no call goes unnoticed. Your customer service and responsiveness greatly improve while your staff enjoys a much better sleep and after-hours work experience.

How it works

Customer call

Customer calls your 24/7 service desk hotline provided by SIGNL4

Call forwarding

SIGNL4 automatically routes the voice call and connects your customer to an available person on call.


If Live Call Routing is disabled or no one is available, an integrated voice mailbox will take the call

SIGNL4 Alerting

SIGNL4 checks who is on duty and starts notifying on-call staff about the recorded call

SIGNL4 escalation

If required in case of no response/no alert acknowledgement, SIGNL4 can escalate to a manager after a configurable time.

Play recording

Alert responders can open the alert within the SIGNL4 mobile app, can play the voice recording and take ownership of the alert/call

Call back customer

Once the responder understands the issue and is ready he/she can call the customer back as the caller id is displayed in the SIGNL4 mobile app. He can also annotate the alert in the SIGNL4 and share any results with the team
Notification Pattern

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