On-call scheduling in your web browser

Just a few mouse clicks

With SIGNL4, on-call scheduling is done with just a few mouse clicks and in no time at all. Instead of Excel spreadsheets, planning is done conveniently and transparently in the web browser. A copy mode makes it easy to duplicate weeks or months once they have been planned.

The duty scheduling is then also the basis for the fully automatic, time-dependent forwarding of alarms and messages to the right employees on duty.

Shift Scheduling SIGNL4

Use any browser



Mobile App

Flexible Scheduling

  • Schedule multiple people for the same shift
  • Total planning flexibility including overlapping schedules/time slots
  • Granularity of 30 mins in scheduling
  • Time zone  support
  • Copy mode to replicate existing rotations/schedules

Shift Handover and Stand-ins

  • Mobile push reminders for upcoming shifts
  • Automated punch in/out of team members based on the team’s schedule
  • Simple stand-ins by punching in/out from within the mobile app
  • Handover assistant to display shift patterns in the scheduler

Reporting and Audit Trail

  • Automated post-shift reports by email if handover assistant is switched on
  • Past shifts are locked for audit reasons
  • Minimum staffing level enabled based on the number of scheduled team members
  • Download of CSV files with duty records


  • Schedule shifts and duties ahead from your browser
  • Full screen view and 3 zoom levels for great usability
  • Display of next shift start and shift end in the mobile app

Tutorial Video

Watch this video to see on-call duty and shift scheduling in SIGNL4 in action

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