Emergency Notifications for Patient Bedside Monitoring

Automated mobile Alerting of Station Ward Teams


In a hospital, there is an existing patient monitoring system (bedside monitoring system, continuously measuring vital signs ). In case of an alarm, it is signaled acoustically and by a lamp in the central room. In practice, however, nursing staff are rarely in this room as they do not carry out their core activities there. This means that alarms are only detected late and corresponding measures are delayed. The aim is to reach the nursing staff anywhere in station ward as quickly as possible and provide them with the information they need in order to decide what further measures need to be taken.


SIGNL4 is an app-based alerting service for emergency and ward teams. Alarms from the patient monitoring system are enriched with necessary information (location, patient id, conditions) and transmitted directly to the smartphones of the nursing staff on duty. The appropriate nursing staff can accept the alarm by single touch and decide about next steps. In the mobile app, other nursing staff on duty and, if necessary, ward managers or the physician on duty can also see in real-time who has taken over an alarm. Unhandled alarms are visible. If alarms stay open, they are sent again at regular intervals until an acknowledgement is made. Staff can also use text or voice input to annotate an alarm with measures taken.


Once SIGNL4 is in place, nurses can move around freely and carry out their normal activities without being afraid of missing an alarm or needing to constantly check patient rooms or a central signaling board. Alarms is received reliably, promptly and independently of the location. Fast response time is thus guaranteed.

About SIGNL4

SIGNL4 is an out-of-the-box, cloud-based alerting solution. It provides provides immediate efficiency gains, transparency and much faster response times. It can easily be connected to almost any existing systems, e.g. by email or web services.


Mobile Alert Management

Next Steps

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