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Mobile alerting with tracking & escalation for Spiceworks



Spiceworks is a free cloud-based help desk and network monitoring solution designed specifically for systems administrators and IT professionals. The solution helps in managing tickets raised by clients, providing customer support via email.

 How it Works

SIGNL4 intercepts those emails and delivers them to the on-call members to quickly address the issue. Just one single user created in Spiceworks can send open ticket alerts to your entire SIGNL4 team, ensuring that the is acknowledged and responded to in a timely manner. Without SIGNL4, tickets may go unread in emails and issues may go unresolved.

 Integration Capabilities

  • Forwards Spiceworks alerts to SIGNL4 for mobile alerting
  • Uses SMTP email to connect to your SIGNL4 team
  • Staff can acknowledge and take ownership for critical events that occur
  • Communicate within an alert to address a particular problem
  • Alerts are escalated in case of no response
  • On-call scheduling to alert the right people at the right time


  • Ticket management
  • Network monitoring
  • Customer service

How To Integrate

First create a user.

  1. Under Settings click on Employee Administration
  2. Add a team member with the SIGNL4 email address


Once tickets are opened and assigned to the SIGNL4 team ALL team members will receive the alert no matter where they are

Alert Optimization

SIGNL4 can further increase the visibility of alerts through its Signals and Services section.  Augmenting the color and icon of alerts will provide more relevant information at a glance without having to open the alert.

Change Alert Color and Override Title + Text 

Override text, colors and titles are triggered by keywords set within the mobile app.


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