Mobile alerting with tracking & escalation for ServiceNow



ServiceNow together with SIGNL4 is able to push intelligent mobile alert notifications to IT ops teams on duty. Team members will be notified persistently until acknowledgement. Incident ownership can then be seen and tracked throughout the team. This significantly accelerates the response to critical incidents that need swift attention and resolution.

 How it Works

Your SIGNL4 team’s inbound webhook will trigger ServiceNow to send notifications to IT professionals immediately.

 Integration Capabilities

  • Acknowledge and act on open alerts in SIGNL4
  • ITSM staff will receive enriched push notifications with event parameters on their mobile devices as incidents occur
  • Team members will begin to receive notifications from ServiceNow right after getting back “on-duty”
  • Fix progress can be communicated via ChatOps in SIGNL4
  • Integrate simply with an inbound webhook


  • Operations Management
  • Service Delivery

How To Integrate

Read how to establish your connection with ServiceNow on our blog.

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