Reliable Alerting and On-call Management for Freshdesk


Freshdesk is the sleek SaaS ticketing system from Freshworks. This service allows teams to streamline their support channels and communicate effectively to solve issues as this happens. Support does not have to end at the dashboard. Integrate Freshdesk with SIGNL4 to extend your support team’s operations with actionable real-time alerting.

 How it Works

Setting the ticket notification to be directed to your SIGNL4 team ensures that everyone on the team can see a new ticket has been created.  More importantly, with SIGNL4 they can take ownership of that ticket and eliminate the redundancy of having multiple team members working on the same. The SIGNL4 connector app for Freshdesk supports the retrieval as well as the update of ticket information.

  • Forwards ticketing information to SIGNL4 for mobile alerting
  • Easy integration using the Freshdesk connector app in SIGNL4
  • Staff can acknowledge tickets and take ownership
  • Alerts are escalated in case of no response
  • In-alert chat for quick collaboration with other team members
  • On-call scheduling to alert the right people at the right time
  • Two-way integration to update ticket information


  • 24×7 support operations
  • Anywhere critical incidence response
  • On-call scheduling of support teams


  • Significantly shorter response times
  • Ensures attention for critical alerts and minimizes false alerts
  • Clear responsibilities and transparent ownership of incidents
  • Collaboration with team members when assistance is needed

Tickets and tncidents are sent to SIGNL4

Event categorization, routing and automated delivery

Persistent Notifications by push, text and voice call with tracking, escalation and confirmation to staff on duty, plus ticket status update in Freshdesk


The integration can be done either flexibly via an automation rule and the Freshdesk Connector App in SIGNL4 or simply by e-mail.


Integration via Connector App

To configure the two-way connection to Freshdesk go to Teams -> Apps -> Freshdesk in your SIGNL4 portal. Here you can enter the details accordingly, mainly the URL to your Freshdesk instance and the Freshdesk API key. You can see the description for each item when hovering over the question mark.

You can find the prerequisites and more details about how to obtain the API key in this article.

For details on how to configure the Freshdesk Connector App please consult our getting-started article.

The Freshdesk connector app creates a new automation rule in Freshdesk automatically when it is started for the first time. You can find all the details about that automation rule in this article.

You can find more information about how to configure ticket updates in this article.



Integration via Email

From the Admin settings, access the Support Channel tile


Click on Email and configure your SIGNL4 team email address here.

Once that is in place you will then receive alerts to your SIGNL4 team each time a ticket is created.  You can adjust the emails that are delivered within the ticketing settings.

SIGNL4 can further increase the visibility of alerts through its Signals and Services section. Augmenting the color and icon of alerts will provide more relevant information at a glance without having to open the alert.


Change alert color and override title + text 

Override text, colors and titles are triggered by keywords set within the mobile app.

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