Mobile alerting with tracking & escalation for Azure Monitor



SIGNL4 adds powerful and reliable mobile alerting to Azure Monitor. As built-in alert notification capabilities of Azure Monitor are limited, SIGNL4 can increase reliability, convenience and manageability of important notification processes. SIGNL4 provides for duty scheduling and escalation procedures for an advanced alerting experience.

 How it Works

Utilizing an advanced 2-way connector, SIGNL4 notifies on duty teams on their mobile devices when custom alert conditions are met in Azure Monitor. It can also update alerts in Azure Monitor, allowing for remote alert management. Alerts confirmed and closed on the mobile device in the SIGNL4 app are also updated in Azure Monitoring.

 Integration Capabilities

  • Adds alerting via mobile push, text and voice call
  • Enables escalation of notification channels
  • IT staff can acknowledge alerts and take ownership
  • Adds persistent alerting, i.e. repetitive notifications until acknowledgement
  • Alerts are escalated in case of no response
  • Only one action group required in Azure Monitor for an entire team
  • Duty scheduling allows for availability awareness and routing of alerts to staff on duty
  • 2-way connector for alert updating and sync


  • 24/7 IT Ops
  • IT Ops with on-call scheduling

How To Integrate

SIGNL4 integrates with Azure Monitor via an advanced 2-way connector allowing for remote alert management.

Read more on this in our blog.

Our have a look at your integration video:

SIGNL4 Azure Monitor from DERDACK GmbH on Vimeo.

Alert Optimization

SIGNL4 can further increase the visibility of alerts through its Signals and Services section.  Augmenting the color and icon of alerts will provide more relevant information at a glance without having to open the alert.

Change Alert Color and Override Title + Text 

Override text, colors and titles are triggered by keywords set within the mobile app.


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