Mobile alerting with tracking & escalation for AWS CloudWatch



Work does not always stop when the sun goes down. Hand off AWS monitoring to the next shift with ease. SIGNL4 is here to provide flexible alert and communication infrastructure to your operations team around the clock.

 How it Works

The combination of SIGNL4 and Amazon’s Simple Notification Service (SNS) enables AWS CloudWatch alarms to be sent out to your team’s mobile devices after-business hours.

 Integration Capabilities

  • Deploy alerts regarding current website status to mobile devices
  • IT staff is alerted via mobile push, text and call
  • Staff can acknowledge and take ownership for critical events that occur
  • Communicate within an alert to address a particular problem
  • Alerts are escalated in case of no response
  • Many channel types available: Availability, Smart Detection, Metrics
  • SIGNL4’s Duty Assistant can ensure that at least one person clocks-in for the “night shift”
  • Flexible SIGNL4 webhook handles SNS webhook calls directly
  • On-call scheduling to alert the right people at the right time


  • Application Management
  • Operational Data Alerts
  • Real-time System Insights

How To Integrate

Read how to configure night-shift alerts with AWS CloudWatch here.

Alert Optimization

SIGNL4 can further increase the visibility of alerts through its Signals and Services section.  Augmenting the color and icon of alerts will provide more relevant information at a glance without having to open the alert.

Change Alert Color and Override Title + Text 

Override text, colors and titles are triggered by keywords set within the mobile app.


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