Mobile Alerting for AWS CloudWatch


Mobile Alert Management

Work does not always stop when the sun goes down. Hand off AWS monitoring to the next shift with ease. SIGNL4 is here to provide flexible alert and communication infrastructure to your operations team around the clock.

 How it Works

The combination of SIGNL4 and Amazon’s Simple Notification Service (SNS) enables AWS CloudWatch alarms to be sent out to your team’s mobile devices after-business hours.

 Integration Capabilities

  • Alerts can be sent to on duty team devices after daytime hours to reduce troubleshooting delays
  • SIGNL4’s Duty Assistant can ensure that at least one person clocks-in for the “night shift”
  • Flexible SIGNL4 webhook handles SNS webhook calls directly
  • Alerts will continue to be sent to a team until an event is acknowledged
  • Communication is simplified with in-alert ChatOps


Read how to configure night-shift alerts with AWS CloudWatch here.

AWS CloudWatch

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